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By: Rain City Maids
Apr 17, 2017


(unless specific, either Distilled White or Apple Cider Vinegars will work)

  1. Do you find that your plastic containers smell stale and musty when closed for too long? Eliminate these odors by dipping a corner of a clean kitchen cloth in vinegar. Then you can wipe down the container and lid thoroughly to get rid of those odors. If using Apple Cider Vinegar, since it is strong smelling, just leave the lids off for a little while and that smell will disappear.
  2. Keep your refrigerator fresh by wiping the interiors and shelves using a solution of equal parts water and vinegar. This can be done for regular cleaning while the fridge is on or in the context of a deep cleanse as well.
  3. To make cleaning your microwave ten times easier, try this; pour equal parts water and vinegar into a glass bowl and heat it in the microwave until it starts to steam up. The loosened gunk will be easier to clean while making it odorless as well.
  4. Vinegar also serves as a germ killer. Spray bathroom and kitchen sinks using equal parts vinegar and water before wiping them clean
  5. For mild carpet stains or even light pet urine spots, put baking soda on the carpet and pour vinegar over it. Do not soak the carpet! It is important to apply in that order. Once it bubbles, wait a few minutes then vacuum up. When finished you will have a stain-free carpet again! (This is only for light stains and pet mistakes, not for big stains!)
  6. Tips for the bathroom:
    • Make a cup of equal parts water and white distilled vinegar, pour it into your toilet bowl and leave overnight. Then the next day cleaning with a bathroom brush will not only be easier, but more efficient as well!
    • Clean and shine bathroom fixtures with a solution of equal parts salt and vinegar. Just dip a cloth or scrubber into the solution and scrub faucets and other stainless-steel accessories before rinsing them off with water.
  7. For smelly laundry, including gym clothes and socks, use this vinegar and boiled water hack adding a few clothing items to soak overnight. (Not for your woolens that can shrink!) Just wash the clothes like you normally do the next day. They’ll come out stain-free and smelling fresh!
  8. To get scuff marks off your handbags and shoes, just wipe them clean with distilled white vinegar. Do not use Apple Cider Vinegar for this one, it can cause stains! This will restore the shine and hide the scuff marks!
  9. Keep fleas and ticks at bay by spraying your dogs with a mixture of white distilled vinegar, or Apple Cider Vinegar as long as your dog does not have any cuts, wounds, dry skin or other health problems. It also keeps their coat shiny, so you don’t need to purchase expensive pet products for that.
    • If flea infestation is a problem, make a spray of equal parts water and any vinegar and spray the baseboards in your home to help keep fleas away. Just test it in an inconspicuous spot before using.
  10. Make these natural upholstery cleaners using vinegar to clean your fabric, leather and synthetic upholstery. Just test the solution in an inconspicuous spot first. It will also discourage flea infestation.
  11. For sticky substances such as glue residue left from stickers or price tags, dampen the area with vinegar and gently scrub away after a few minutes using a warm, damp cloth. It can also remove gum from clothes; simply heat up some vinegar and pour it over the gum. If it is on a garment, allow it to sit for half an hour before machine washing. Repeat until it is removed. If it is on a garment, allow it to sit for half an hour, then scrub again before machine washing.

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