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By: Rain City Maids
Dec 28, 2016

Unique and Simple Cleaning Tips for a Shiny Bathroom Again!

Stepping foot into a dirty bathroom is something no homeowner enjoys. It’s disgusting, it’s unsightly and most of all, it’s unsanitary! Having said that, keeping your bathroom spotlessly clean all the time doesn’t come that easy. It requires some effort but, it’s well worth it!

A clean bathroom is not just good for health and a joy to use, it also depicts a good image of you and your family. Imagine having unexpected guests over and they ask to use the bathroom. The look of horror on your face is enough to tell them what they’re in for. So, it’s time you considered paying heed to these superb bathroom cleaning tips that will not only make it shine again, but keep it clean for longer periods of time!

For Clean, Shiny Tiles

Cleaning your bathroom tiles is fairly easy. You sprinkle or spray on your cleaning product and use a long-handled bathroom brush to scrub dirt and grime away. But we go one step further to put the shine back into dulled bathroom tiles and here’s how; after you’ve finish cleaning, squeegee as much water into the drain and allow the tiles to either dry naturally, or wipe up excess water with an old towel. Once your bathroom tiles are completely dry, sprinkle or spray a little lemon oil over them, using a microfiber cloth to buff. You’ll be amazed at how well lemon oil can shine your tiles! You can also use furniture polish as a substitute for lemon oil.

Prevent Toilet Bowl Stains

This one has always been a tough one, but a very important one! Cleaning the toilet bowl is everyone’s least favorite job in the home; hence, keeping it stain-free for weeks is an absolute dream! To make that dream come true, try the following: clean the bowl using your regular routine, making sure to remove all the stains thoroughly with a toilet brush. Now, close your flush tank valve and drain out the water from the bowl by holding down the flush lever. Pour some water inside the bowl to rinse out any dirt and drain out the water again. Put some gloves on and dry the inside of the bowl using an old towel or some clean dust rags. Get a tin of polymer-based car wax and apply a layer to your toilet bowl using a cotton cloth. After half an hour, you can open the valve to refill the bowl and enjoy a stain-free toilet bowl for a long, long time!

Sinks and Bathroom Fixtures

If you’re tired of buying cleaning products to keep your sink clean and shiny, use white vinegar as an eco-friendly substitute. What’s more, if you make a solution of white vinegar and water (equal parts) in a spray can, you can clean your sink daily in under a minute using this natural cleanser and a soft sponge. It keeps your sink germ-free and shiny all day! For those bathroom fixtures that are stained with soap scum, water and toothpaste marks, try this; dip an old toothbrush in some baking soda and clean the fixtures thoroughly. Now, dry the fixtures completely and finish them off by buffing with a little club soda and a microfiber cloth. The acid content helps renew old, tarnished fixtures.

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