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By: Rain City Maids
Mar 04, 2024

Tidying up your place demands a bit of know-how to nail it. Even if you're going all out with the vacuum on the floors and thinking you're giving every corner a good mop, chances are there's a crucial trick or strategy you're overlooking for maximum ease.

Despite everyone having their own cleaning plan for doing chores, nothing compares to what pro cleaners do, and here you'll learn how they do it!

What tools do you need?

Cleaning experts use a variety of products to handle chores more effectively. So, if you aim to achieve professional-like results, you might need to incorporate additional cleaning tools into your arsenal. Even if you already have some of them, it doesn't hurt to keep them in mind!

  • Microfiber cloths. These tools are at the top of the list if you want outstanding results. Besides working better than a duster to pick up dust, their absorption power makes them the perfect multipurpose tool to deal with dirt and grime.
  • Buckets or spray bottles. Buckets will help you to hold the variety of cleaners you could need in your cleaning quest. Meanwhile, spray bottles will aid you in applying some cleaners with more precision and control.
  • Scrubbing tools. Sometimes, stains and grime need more power to remove them. Scrubbing tools like brushes and toothbrushes can give you that extra strength to tackle dirt more easily and quickly.
  • Rubber gloves. More than helping you tackle your chores more efficiently (the grip they provide is very useful), rubber gloves protect your skin from damage (from chemicals) or touching gross stuff directly. It's always a good idea to have them around!

How to clean your home like the professionals

Beyond the use of adequate tools, cleaning professionals follow a system that guarantees every nook and cranny is taken care of when they finish. The best thing? It's really simple to understand! Check it out:

Asses the area

You may know your home better than anyone else, but that could play against you. As you get accustomed to a certain cleaning routine, you can start to skip some areas altogether. Do as cleaning experts and take a tour around your house to get an idea of what needs to be done.

As you walk through your home, take note of all the areas that need attention, ranking them from most to least dirty or messy. Also, use this opportunity to write down whatever extra tool or product you may need.

The more thoroughly you make your tour and list, the more prepared you will be to tackle the grime.

Start with chores that can be left alone while you do the rest

Cleaning pros are the best at saving time because they multitask constantly. Imitate them and kick off your journey with tasks that don't require your active participation all the time.

For example, start doing your laundry or load the dishwasher before you go all out with the rest of your house. Those two tasks only need you to supervise them a couple of times so they can keep going.

On top of saving time, you'll do work in advance as you'll clear the sink and the laundry basket (or your bed if your clothes are there).

Do bathrooms and kitchens first

Hitting up the trickiest or super time-consuming stuff when you have your energy at 100% will make you more efficient. Usually, the kitchen and bathrooms take longer than the rest of the house, demanding a bit more elbow grease. So, kicking things off there is a pretty savvy move.

On top of that, dealing with the kitchen and bathrooms right out of the gate lets you set apart the cloths you use, preventing cross-contamination. Plus, you can throw the used rags in the wash early on so they're all fresh and clean by the time you wrap up the rest of the house.

Clear, clean, and organize

It could sound like an irrelevant piece of advice at first. However, the order in which you tackle these tasks will affect the results, as well as how much longer you take to finish.

Although you could organize any room first and then clean it, it would only mean you'll have to do extra work because you may need to move items to clean underneath.

When you clear an area first, you have the freedom to tackle dirt without obstacles. Once cleaned, you can rearrange stuff as you like without worrying about lingering dirt. Stick to this plan to get the best results!

Cleaning secrets

Having a plan to clean your home is a big step forward in achieving the results you want. However, there are still a couple of secrets that you can put into practice to make things even easier.

  • Clean clockwise. Cleaning clockwise won't improve your cleaning directly, but it will work as a guide to not waste time thinking about what to do next. You'll flow through each room and be done before you realize it.

  • Use dryer sheets. But not exclusively on your laundry! After you finish cleaning, wipe your countertops and all surfaces with these items. This will create a superficial layer that will prevent dust from settling on your surfaces for longer.
  • Keep your tools handy. Having your tools ready will save you lots of time whenever you need them—especially if you're in a hurry. Assign a place to keep them there (like a storage closet) and use labels to identify different cleaners.
  • Use a cleaning caddy (or basket). Place the tools you're going to use in a container you can carry with ease throughout your home. That way, you'll avoid going back and forth whenever you need a new tool.

Can you achieve professional results quickly?

Although there are ways to get better-than-usual results in short periods, you can't reach a professional-level outcome without investing time in your cleaning. If you still want to carry out an express clean, check these tips:

  • Focus on the most visible rooms. Don't stress about reaching every nook and cranny in an hour or less. It will mostly depend on your layout or if you're having a reunion, but bathrooms and living rooms are key.
  • Set a timer. Don't get caught up spending ages on one thing. Set a five-minute timer for tasks. Remember, quick cleaning isn't the same as going all out, so don't get bogged down dusting every little thing on your shelves. A swift once-over will get the job done!
  • Sort and throw stuff away. Speed through your home. Toss out the disposables now, and stash the keepers in a box until you can sort them later.

Get a true professional home cleaning experience!

Achieving professional-like results on a constant basis requires time. However, if you're short on it, Rain City Maids can help you! Our trusted professionals provide consistent, high-quality cleaning whenever you need it, no matter the service you pick. Get a free quote here!

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