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By: Rain City Maids
Apr 01, 2024

No matter how diligent you are about tidying up your home, certain spots always manage to slip through the cracks. Whether it's the forgotten nooks or the neglected crannies, these often-skipped areas need attention to fend off mildew, dust, mold, and other gunky buildup.

However, to tackle them effectively, you first have to know where they are! That's precisely why we want to share with you a lineup of the most skipped areas when it comes to house cleaning. Give them a look!

Light switches and door knobs

Light switches and door knobs are two of the most overlooked spots when it comes to cleaning. As people use these fixtures daily so quickly and casually—a second and that's it—it's understandable they don't give them so much thought and skip them altogether.

However, if you think a little further, the constant use that light switches and doorknobs go through makes them the perfect breeding ground for all types of dirt and bacteria. So, the next time you are checking things off of your to-do list, remember to give these fixtures a quick wipe.

Baseboards and moldings

Although they're easy to overlook as they play a background role in your home, the awkward location of baseboards and moldings makes homeowners leave them "for later" when tackling their cleaning chores.

Neglecting to clean your baseboards and moldings eventually makes your house look and feel dirty, even if you do your cleaning duties daily. If you're up to giving your baseboards some cleaning care, check out our guide—you can apply some of the tips to your moldings, too!


We make use of drains in our daily lives all the time, but we rarely pay attention to them when cleaning; they're just there. The thing is, failing to properly maintain drains can lead to disastrous results like clogged pipes and awful odors.

If you want to keep your drain in good shape, carefully pour some hot water into it and sprinkle a cup of baking soda, too. After waiting 20 minutes, pour hot vinegar into the drain so it dissolves any remaining gunk. Finally, rinse with a little more hot water.

Trash cans

Trash is supposed to be dirty, so, normally, homeowners don't give too much thought to the idea that trash cans might need some cleaning from now to then. The truth is that they need it, as trash cans can harbor many harmful bacteria and release bad smells through your place.

However, don't worry about cleaning your trash bins daily. Washing them every month will keep them in good condition so your kitchen and house stay healthy.

Ceiling lights and light fixtures

Dirt on light sources can be easy to miss, as their brightness can engulf dim areas caused by dirty spots. Also, light fixtures like sconces or ceiling fans can collect dust in hard-to-notice areas. All that could prompt homeowners to think these zones are still not up in the cleaning rotation and skip them.

If you happen to have light decorations, ceiling fans, or the like, make a space in your cleaning schedule every month to keep them in top condition with your trusty duster!


Remember when was the last time you cleaned your fridge? And your microwave? Chances are, not recently. It's not that people think their appliances don't need cleaning, but more about them forgetting to do so—at least until they get too dirty.

Instead of waiting until your appliances begin to smell or accumulate food bits everywhere—which can even lead to malfunctions in the long run—keep an eye on them to promptly clean any dirt you spot.

For a full-on cleaning of your appliances, you can take a look at our guides for refrigerators, ovens, and microwaves. Even your dishwasher needs some care from time to time!


Typically situated high on walls or tucked away in corners, vents can easily escape people's attention during regular cleaning routines. Moreover, the function of vents further contributes to their neglect, as they quietly perform their job of circulating air without drawing much notice.

However, not cleaning your vents can make dust, allergens, and even mold accumulate within them over time, impacting indoor air quality and putting your household at risk.

Clean your vents twice a year by using a vacuum cleaner with a brush attachment to remove surface dust and debris. For a deeper clean, unscrew vent covers and wash them with warm, soapy water before allowing them to air dry thoroughly.

Behind and under appliances and furniture

Out of sight, out of mind is the principle that better fits these spots. Hidden from view, areas behind and under appliances and furniture are easy to ignore. Also, the inconvenience of moving heavy items can deter homeowners from cleaning these areas regularly. 

Despite being out of sight, these spaces accumulate dust, pet hair, and debris, leading to indoor air pollution and pest attraction.

You can clean under elevated furniture like your bed or some sofas every week with your trusty vacuum cleaner. For furniture you have to move, schedule a quarterly cleaning so it doesn't become too tedious!

Extra: sanitize the areas

All these areas may need your attention more often than you usually give them, but that doesn't mean you have to tackle them daily. Usually, monthly cleaning is enough to keep dirt away from those places. However, as they'll be unattended for longer, you'll need to do a little extra to prevent bacteria from growing there.

You can make a DIY sanitizer from the comfort of your home! Just pour two parts of isopropyl alcohol into a spray bottle with one part of water and mix. After you clean and wash a spot, spray generously and wipe with a clean cloth—a healthier home in just a few steps!

Keep your house spotless with Rain City Maids!

Regular cleaning goes a long way in preventing dust and dirt from accumulating in hard-to-reach spots. When you schedule our deep cleaning services, you can expect our cleaners to go above and beyond to leave every corner of your home pristine—100% satisfaction guaranteed!

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