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By: Rain City Maids
Jun 05, 2023

If you aren't able to keep your home clean, no matter how hard you try, it doesn't mean you are a bad homeowner. You may just need a little bit of order and planning to finally get things right.

However, while you can make elaborate monthly schedules to cover all types of house chores, it's better to start small. Here you'll find a practical guide to making a weekly cleaning schedule that seamlessly fits your busy week and unique needs!

What to include in your weekly cleaning tasks

No home is cleaned the same as another. Size, number of rooms, and location affect how you clean it. Still, there are basic chores you can start doing right now to deal with a messy place.

General tasks

First, let's cover the essential chores you can do in your bedrooms, bathroom, kitchen, and living room to keep them spotless!

  • Sweep and vacuum your floors. Dust and dirt are an ever-present challenge. Sweep or vacuum your floors (and carpets) at least three times per week to keep the mess at bay.
  • Mop. Bring out that extra shine from your floors by mopping them twice a week.
  • Wipe counters and furniture. Dust settles on many surfaces in your home, not just floors. Wipe every horizontal surface in your place twice a week to keep them in top shape.
  • Dust hard-to-reach areas. The top side of the furniture and the backside of the ceiling fans' blades aren't easy to see (or reach) and tend to gather lots of dust. Keep them in good shape with your trusty duster once a week.
  • Disinfect high-touch points. Keep your household healthy by disinfecting commonly touched surfaces such as doorknobs and light switches weekly.
  • Declutter. Leaving things in places where they don't belong happens to many homeowners (even more with kids in the house). Try to put every item back in its rightful place within two days at most.


Kitchens need some extra daily and weekly care, especially with the heavy use they can get. Check out how to achieve a pristine look!

  • Clean small appliances. Give your kitchen appliances some love. Wipe the toaster, microwave, and coffee maker inside and out after you use them. You'll notice how fresh and hygienic they are.
  • Do the dishes. Basic as that. Wash your dishes daily (could be at the end of the day) to prevent clutter in your kitchen. You'll also leave room in the sink to carry out other cleaning duties—don't forget to clean the sink and faucet!
  • Empty trash bins. Ensure to empty trash bins in your kitchen as soon as they're full.


Like kitchens, bathrooms need extra effort to achieve clean results. This is what you can do:

  • Scrub surfaces. Prevent those ugly yellowish stains in your bathroom by scrubbing your toilet bowl, sink, faucets, and shower weekly.
  • Clean mirrors. You can get this simple task done in a matter of minutes. Remove the stains from your mirrors once or twice a week, depending on how dirty they are.


Your safe, personal space deserves some love too. Here are the basic tasks you can do throughout the week to keep your bedroom in the best condition:

  • Change your bedding. Replace your sheets and pillow covers once a week. Besides providing a fresh feel, it will also contribute to healthier sleep. 
  • Fold and store clothes. Take some time to organize and declutter your room. Store your clothes as soon as you finish the laundry and throw the dirty ones in a basket!
  • Wash clothes and linen. Unless you change your clothes three times a day, washing them once a week will be enough. The same principle applies to your bedding.

How to make the most out of your cleaning schedule

Following a preset list of chores sure helps you keep the dirt in your home at bay. However, you still need to consider a few things so your schedule works the best for you. These tips will come in handy to adjust your weekly schedule to your unique needs and stick to it!

Tip #1. Plan beforehand

Unless you want to lose time and get all your tasks mixed up, you need to plan the chores for each weekday. You can either write your schedule and stick it to the fridge or use an app on your phone to set daily reminders.

Tip #2. Prioritize and set realistic cleaning goals

Carry out your cleaning tasks in order based on their impact. For example, tackling the mess in your living room before your bedroom has a bigger effect on your home's overall look. This way, you'll notice how purposeful and effective your cleaning efforts are.

Also, consider how feasible it is to complete some chores on certain days. Don't try to tackle the grime in your kitchen on a busy day; instead, get smaller tasks done, like wiping counters or furniture.

Tip #3. Utilize adequate cleaning tools

Cleaning duties can take longer if not tackled with the right tools (for example, a wet cloth won't do much to remove greasy stains). Get cleaning equipment that suits your needs and helps you achieve optimal results in less time. You can take a look at this list for some ideas.

Tip #4. Keep cleaning supplies handy

Even if you take five minutes to gather your cleaning supplies, you're losing precious time you could use to clean your home. Take advantage of every second by storing your cleaning products and tools in a quick-to-reach place.

For example, bathroom-related tools can be in your bathroom cabinet or under the sink, while more all-around ones can be stored below your kitchen sink or in a storage closet.

Tip #5. Break down big tasks into small chunks

The amount of mess you might have could keep you from sticking to (or fulfilling) a cleaning schedule. Make the cleaning process more manageable by breaking down your tasks into smaller, manageable bits.

This approach will allow you to tackle each segment with greater focus and efficiency. Also, you can track your progress and experience a sense of accomplishment as you complete each chore.

Tip #6. There's no need to be thorough

Keeping your home in good shape sometimes requires detailed cleaning. However, the more detailed you carry out your cleaning task, the longer it will take you to finish, snatching away time from you for other duties. Do yourself a favor and save time by leaving deep cleaning as a monthly chore.

Tip #7. Use time-saving cleaning techniques

Explore time-saving cleaning techniques to lessen the burden and boost your productivity. The following methods will help you accomplish tasks more effectively:

  • Clutter basket. Keep a basket where you can quickly throw any out-of-place items. That way, you can easily return them later when cleaning.
  • Designate a day for bigger tasks. Free from the stress and relegate large chores like cleaning your fridge to a day you have enough time to spare.
  • Clean as you go (AKA Multitasking). Doing so will allow you to complete multiple small tasks simultaneously. For instance, you could sweep your floors while waiting for the laundry cycle to end.

Tip #8. Delegate cleaning Responsibilities

Trying to follow a weekly cleaning routine seems harder if you have kids. On the other hand, you can include them for cleaning time to share the workload efficiently. You will lighten the individual burden and create a sense of shared responsibility!

Are you too busy to keep up with your chores? Let us help!

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