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By: Rain City Maids
May 15, 2023

Keeping your home pristine is no small task, but you can power through your checklist if you prepare a complete cleaning kit. However, the hundreds of products in stores can baffle even the most seasoned homeowner, making them wonder which supplies are truly essential.

To simplify things, we've created a thorough list of must-have cleaning products to keep your place in good shape. Whether new to this cleaning world or an experienced homeowner, you'll find something useful here!

Disclaimer: While you can add many more items to this list, don't remove anything. You'll risk leaving an essential chore unattended because you don't have the tool or solution needed.

All-around cleaning supplies

These tools and products will help you to deal with any grimy part of your house!

Microfiber cloths

Every item in this list is a must-have. However, microfiber cloths might be the most important of them all. Thanks to their higher absorbency and dirt-attracting properties while being soft on all surfaces, they are suitable for cleaning spills, stains, or any type of dirt all around your home.

Pro-tip: To extend your cloths' lifespan, you can keep different-colored cloths assigned to different tasks (cleaning dust, grease, or liquids).

Broom and dustpan

This cleaning combo and homeowners go way back, and for a good reason: It allows you to quickly gather dust, debris, and small particles from your floors without much effort.

Also, as you don't need to use any chemicals, and the broom's bristles are generally soft, this combination is a practical way to deal with dirt on many surfaces like tile floors, concrete, and carpets.

Pro-tip: You can get a hand broom and dustpan to tackle dirt in furniture or reach corners more easily.

Vacuum cleaner

This handy tool will help you to give your floors a deeper cleaning in less time than you'll take with other methods. Handling a vacuum cleaner may be a little bothersome compared to a broom and dustpan. Still, its higher suction power compensates for it.

The variety of accessories you can get for a vacuum cleaner will also help you deal with dirt on furniture, high surfaces, and hard-to-reach places. Besides, albeit a little expensive, you can get an automatic vacuum cleaner (like a Roomba) if you don't have enough time for this chore.

Mop and bucket

Another cleaning couple as old as time. A mop and a bucket are a must to keep your floors in pristine condition, as they let you easily wipe all kinds of dirt. Besides, the bucket alone is so versatile you can use it for other cleaning tasks like hand-washing rags or holding different cleaning solutions!

Some mops are designed to reach different places, cover more area, or get stains out quickly. Similarly, some fancy buckets let you wring your mop hands-free or have a bigger water capacity. Make sure to choose the combo that fits your needs better.

Floor cleaner

Your mop and bucket combo will only get you so far in achieving cleaner floors if you only use water. Floor cleaners are designed to help you remove stains from your floors, so unless you want to struggle with dirty floors, you need them in your cleaning stash.

Although floor cleaning solutions make it much easier to deal with stains on your floors, different surfaces may need special products to avoid damage. So, be mindful of your type of floor before choosing the right cleaner.

Spray bottles

Having a couple of spray bottles in your cleaning stash makes a night-and-day difference for cleaning chores. Besides providing an efficient way to cover different surfaces evenly, they offer a controlled way to prevent wasting cleaning solutions.

Many cleaning solutions also require you to dilute them before application; with spray bottles, you can do both! On top of that, they're easy to carry around, so you can always have them handy when needed.

Pro-tip: You can keep different cleaning solutions on different bottles and label them for quick access.

Scrub brush

Although wiping, sweeping, and mopping are essential chores to remove grime in your home, you'll sometimes need a little more power. A scrub brush will let you deal with dried-up stains and tough grime in wide areas without struggle.


You may need something thinner than a scrub brush to deal with grime on slits and wedges. So, get a hard-bristled toothbrush to tackle the dirt in sink rims, corners, grout, and all types of nooks and crannies in your home.

Pro-tip: Boil your toothbrush in clean water to make them bend even more and easily get to hard-to-reach places.

Microfiber duster

Thanks to its material, a microfiber duster works better than a regular one because it attracts dust instead of just scattering it around. This duster will also let you gently clean around objects and ornaments without the risk of knocking something down, especially from high spots. 

Dish soap

Although you may need different cleaning solutions for specific scenarios, dish soap will get you out of most situations without hassle. Its cleaning properties make it powerful enough to deal with most stains while being gentle on pretty much every surface in your home.

Mandatory cleaning products for kitchens

Due to their daily use, kitchens constantly get greasy and are easily splattered with food. These kinds of stains require some extra products to remove them effectively. Check them out! 


A degreaser to deal with grime in your kitchen is a no-brainer. This cleaning solution specifically breaks down and dissolves greasy remains, oil, and baked-on residues. You won't lose time with excessive scrubbing or repeated cleaning attempts!

Scrubbing sponges

You can't have a complete cleaning kit without a few scrubbing sponges. These handy tools are perfect for cleaning tough spots on various surfaces, from your countertops to the inside of your appliances, without scratches. Couple it with a powerful cleaning solution, and you'll have a winning combo.

Must-haves for bathroom cleaning

Just like kitchens, bathrooms have their own cleaning challenges that need additional items to solve them in the best way possible. Have a look!

Toilet brush

The bristles on a toilet brush let you reach hard-to-reach places in your toilet (like under the rim) to remove grime and limescale, keeping harmful germs and bacteria away. They also have long handles that let you clean the toilet without touching the filthy bowl.

Although you can buy a toilet brush at most grocery stores, you need to make sure it has some essential features to ensure its effectiveness.

All-purpose cleaner

Bathrooms can get dirty with many types of dirt, such as limescale buildup, toilet splashes on the floor, soap scum, dust, and mold. However, instead of getting different cleaners to deal with every type of grime, you can get an all-purpose cleaner to keep your bathroom clean!

Pro-tip: Bleach can damage some materials, so make sure you get a bleach-free cleaner to prevent it. However, look for products that still include disinfectant to keep germs at bay! 

We'll clean your home without using up your supplies!

If getting (or replacing constantly) all the necessary items to keep your place pristine is too bothersome, let Rain City Maids help! Our skilled maids come fully prepared and equipped with top-of-the-line tools and products, ensuring your home is clean at the end of our visit. Book with us today!

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