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By: Rain City Maids
Sep 10, 2018

Having sleep disorders? Are you currently finding it hard to stay awake during the day? Feeling out of focus and irritated? Though you might find these scenarios rather ordinary, these may be warning signs of serious sleeping problems if encountered regularly.

The American Sleep Association reports that almost 70 million or 86% of American adults suffer from sleeping problems—these can range from plain sleep deprivation to cases as severe as insomnia. This is considered an alarming statistic since having the proper amount of sleep plays a huge part in a person’s productivity.

Here are four signs that your sleeping problems are starting to take a toll on your daily life:

(1) You’re always suffering from a mental block

If you think that staying up all night working will get things done, wait until you start working in the morning. Sleep is necessary for the brain to function and to be able to process continuously. Sleep deprivation causes a significant decrease in your brain’s cognitive functioning. This is why you’re usually out of ideas after a sleepless night.

(2) Forgetfulness is your new best friend

Continually misplacing your keys might not just be a sign of aging—it could also be a sign of sleep deprivation. As mentioned earlier, lack of sleep dramatically affects the brain’s functioning; this includes your memory. So if you had an hour’s sleep for seven nights in a row, don’t be surprised if you forget a lot more things than usual.

(3) Your patience and attention span is shorter than ever

Sleeping problems make a person cranky and highly irritated. It is best to keep your jokes and pranks away from a sleep-deprived person or else; you’ll get what you’re looking for. More than cognitive functioning, lack of sleep also affects emotional processing. Even the person with the most cheerful personality, if suffering from lack of sleep, can be short-tempered and vulnerable to stress.

(4) It takes you a few more seconds to react/respond

On top of the mental and emotional perils of sleeping problems, your physical mobility is also at risk. The lack of sleep results in difficulty to focus, which inevitably leads to slower reaction time. If you try asking a sleep-deprived person a simple question, chances are it will take him/her a few awkward heartbeats to be able to answer. Don’t even bother expecting a sensible answer.

Sleeping problems can be as detrimental as drinking, as being sleepy and drunk both messes with your ability to focus. Fortunately for most cases, sleep problems can be solved by things as simple as using less of your gadgets at night and playing relaxing songs. The key is to make yourself as comfy as possible.

To set the most sleep-conducive environment, you might want to create a calming playlist, drink a glass of milk, put your favorite scent on a diffuser, and get your room professionally cleaned for a completely relaxing experience that’ll put you to sleep in no time.

Sweet dreams!

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