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By: Rain City Maids
Apr 03, 2023

When cleaning your home, you might not care much about what kind of water you use; however, someone may have recommended you try distilled water in your household chores.

If you can use tap water in your cleaning duties as usual, why would you switch to distilled water? Although saying you must use distilled water from now on may be too much of an imposition, you should consider its several benefits that tap water simply doesn't have.

So, how is distilled water better than regular water for cleaning? What are its benefits? Keep on reading to learn all the answers!

What is distilled water?

To understand distilled water, we must talk about other types of water first. For starters, raw water is an untreated liquid full of contaminants, bacteria, and whatnot. When this water is treated to become safe for human consumption, you get filtered tap water or purified water.

However, when it comes to purity, distilled water takes the cake. In essence, this type of water is of a "purer" form (even more than bottled water), leading to different properties and applications.

How does distilled water stack up against regular tap water?

The difference between these two types of water is simple: tap water has all sorts of mineral deposits in it, like calcium, sodium, and magnesium, while distilled water is free from those "impurities"—all thanks to a process called distillation.

During distillation, the water turns into steam and then back into liquid, leaving all the impurities behind—and killing bacteria too!

In short, distilled water should be the preferred option for cleaning, as its increased purity will help you achieve better results. In the next section, you'll learn some of the benefits distilled water offers.

What are the benefits of using distilled water for cleaning?

Distilled water's advantages over tap water may not be noticeable at first sight, but they make your chores easier in many ways. It all boils down to the absence of minerals (and germs) and how it interacts with different products and surfaces.

Let's go through a few examples so you get a good grasp of distilled water's cleaning benefits:

Benefit #1. No minerals mean streakless glass

Have you noticed thin white spots on your mirrors or windows after spraying them with water? That's the result of minerals left behind after the water dries. Even if you don't spray the glass directly, the cloth you use can still carry and re-apply those minerals when wiping.

Distilled water contains no minerals, so you won't have to worry about chalky white water spots after cleaning. Besides, without worry, you can use distilled water on many other reflective surfaces, like screens, stainless steel appliances, and more.

Benefit #2. Vinegar works better when minerals are not involved

Water and white vinegar make an effective homemade cleaning solution that many people have used for ages—you, too, probably! However, did you know you can make this cleaner even more powerful using distilled water?

While minerals in tap water prevent vinegar's acidity from working as fully intended (and limiting the amount of dirt vinegar can take), the purity of distilled water helps maintain vinegar's cleaning power, making your cleaning chores much easier.

Benefit #3. Soapy solutions won't leave soap scum behind

Soap works great for removing dirt because it basically hooks dirt molecules and drags them away from surfaces. However, just as with vinegar, minerals in tap water can hinder soap's effectiveness (and also create soap scum).

Distilled water prevents any issue resulting from soap and minerals interacting, giving you better and cleaner results. So, if you're up to making a soapy solution to clean your place or wash something, consider using distilled water!

Benefit #4. No more stains on your upholstery

Wiping and dampening the area using water is common whenever you spill something on your couch or furniture. However, chances are that you'll notice a white outline once the water dries—again, minerals are the culprit.

If you use distilled water to clean up spills on your upholstery, clothes, or furniture, you won't have to spend extra time dealing with white mineral rings.

Benefit #5. It is safer to use on appliances or cabinets where food is stored

Did you know that the EPA allows a certain amount of bacteria in tap water? It isn't that regular water poses a high risk to your health, but a little extra precaution never hurts, especially when cleaning surfaces in contact with food.

As high temperatures are needed during the distillation process, viruses and bacteria are effectively eliminated, making it safer than regular water. So, if you want to keep the places where you store food as germ-free as possible, we recommend using distilled water.

How to make distilled water for cleaning at home

Although you can get distilled water at your nearest convenience store, you can also opt not to spend money and make your own homemade distilled water—just be aware it can take a good chunk of time!

All you need is a big pot, a smaller one that can fit into it, ice cubes, and a baking rack that also fits inside the large pot. Once ready, follow these steps:

  1. Place the big pot on the stove and add about 2 ½ gallons of tap water.
  2. Put the baking rack at the bottom of the big pot, and then place the smaller pot. It doesn't matter if the smaller pot floats; the rack works to prevent the smaller pot from touching the bottom of the large one.
  3. Cover the big pot with the lid upside down so the concave side stays outside.
  4. Fill the lid with ice cubes and set the stove burner at medium heat. The idea is to let the water simmer without boiling.
  5. Water will evaporate, sticking to the bottom of the lid. Then, it will condensate again (due to the ice cubes), falling into the smaller pot.
  6. As the lid needs to be as cold as possible, replace the ice cubes once they melt.
  7. Wait until all the water in the big pot has transferred to the smaller one (or until you have the amount you need).

Do you want top-quality results? We can clean for you!

Although convenient, making distilled water may take you more time than you have. Fortunately, including distilled water in your daily chores is not the only way to make your home cleaner and safer—you can hire a professional cleaning service!

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