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By: Rain City Maids
Sep 24, 2018

Taking lunch to work doesn’t just help you save money, but it’s also a healthier option than getting stuff from the street or the cafeteria.

Therefore, how and where you pack your lunch starts being important as well. It keeps your food fresh, and a bit more enjoyable to eat when you're at work. It’s also a safer way to store food since it prevents it from getting spoiled too soon.

Keep your lunch fresh and mess-free with these go-to containers for easier eating at work!

1. Lunchskins Snack Bag

Snacks on the vending machines are often unhealthy. If you like eating snacks in between work hours, then these cute eco-friendly bags to store your food. You can now pack portion-controlled pretzels or cookies in each reusable sack. When it comes to cleaning them, you can place them on the top rack of your dishwasher.

2. Rubbermaid LunchBlox Sandwich Kit

To help you save space and stay organized, the Rubbermaid LunchBlox Sandwich Kit can stack and snap together. You can easily pack a sandwich, half-cup snacks, and a side dish. If you want something to keep cool, there's an ice pack that you snap directly to the containers.

3. Bento Food Container Set

Having the right container set makes packing lunch so much fun. Bento lunch boxes can help you control your portions. A salad or sandwich can fit in the large compartment. With the two smaller ones, they can be used for side dishes or desserts, which hopefully are healthy things like fruits, veggies and maybe just one piece of candy.  

4. Klip-It Noodle Bowl-to-Go

Bringing pasta or soup to work is messy. So, let's "klip" it together with this dishwasher-safe cup. It offers convenience when it comes to carrying liquids to the office. There’s a little lid that opens for ventilation on the top, preventing splatters because of too much pressure built up while heating it in a microwave oven. A handle stays cool so you can easily take the bowl out.

5. Lifefactory 2-Cup Glass Food Storage with Silicone Sleeve

Though it can be a bit heavy, glass is an excellent option for toting your lunch if you want to skip plastic containers. If you accidentally drop it, its silicone sleeve acts as a barrier on impact, which prevents it from breaking. It has white button tabs that ensure a leak-free lid.

6. YumBox

YumBox container has compartments and leak-proof, which comes in various colors and sizes, so you can choose one that suits your lunch-packing style. These are sturdy and will last you a few years—a plus for your investment. When it comes to washing it, the trays are top rack dishwasher safe, while the case is hand-wash only.

7. Lunchbots Stainless Steel Containers

These lunch containers are made from stainless steel with no linings or toxins, making them an excellent option for packing epic bento-style lunches because of its compartments.

The sections are great for separating food, but there aren’t perfect for keeping liquids away from each other, even though they also sell leak-proof containers.

Price-wise, they might be on the top limits of your budget, but the good news is they’ll serve you for many years, so it’s a fine purchase.

8. Omie Box: Lunchbox + Thermos in One

It’s the perfect container to bring hot + cold items to work. Do you want to bring meatballs? You can. Want to bring mushroom soup? You can do that, too!

Its thermos piece is removable, so you can use the container in that particular compartment and pack a sandwich instead! It’s versatile, and you'll love using it!

These aren’t only for packing lunch to work, but you can also use them for storing leftovers. While you’re at work, let professionals have a look at your home and clean it spotless. After the session, a clean house makes you more relaxed.


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