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By: Rain City Maids
Apr 20, 2020

During a health crisis, there's a fine line between buying the essentials and hoarding unnecessary items. Everyone wants to stay away from grocery stores as longs as they can, but this doesn't mean that we leave the stores without stock. Many people are talking about the survival items to stock up on during the COVID-19 lockdown, and it's essential that we acknowledge what's necessary and in which quantities. That's why we made this emergency essential list to you to focus on buying.

Focus on buying these essentials:

Cloth face masks

The CDC recommends cloth face masks, and there are specific guidelines to make your own face covering. Wear it n public to prevent spreading the disease. Please remember that this action does not replace other methods like washing hands and social distancing.


Soap is essential during the COVID-19 crisis. Washing your hands is the most effective way to prevent the disease, even better than hand sanitizer. Surely, you will find soap in grocery stores more quickly, also.

Non-perishable food

Try to avoid going to the grocery store as much as you can. The best way to achieve this is to stock up to two weeks of food. Dried beans, pasta, rice, and popcorn are food that can last longer than others. Peanut butter and canned items are also a great option.

Fresh or frozen veggies

But don't forget to stay healthy. During a health crisis, you and your family must eat well to boost up your immune system. That's why you can stop buying fresh items like fruits and vegetables. Try out frozen veggies or freeze some blueberries. And remeber, only buy what you're really going to eat. It's unlikely that stores will run out of food, so stay calm and acquire only the necessary.

Water purifier

Buying bottled water is getting out of control. If you can get your precious water in the comfort of your home, leave those bottled water for people that really need it (and also contribute to reducing the amount of wasted plastic on the planet). Buy a water purifier and filter your water at home if you feel anxious about regular tap water. Again, it's unlikely that the water supply fails.

First aid kit

Bandages, antiseptic wipes, alcohol, pain killers; and most importantly: a thermometer. You don't have the entire pharmacy at home, but with these essential meds, you and your family should be fine in case of a minor injury, mild pain, or fever.

Prescribed medication

If you are under treatment, refill your medications with anticipation. Stay in touch with your provider and have a plan b in case there's some delay. In many areas, due to the pandemic, telemedicine is gaining traction as al alternative to physically going  to a healthcare provider. Get in touch with your G.E. or healthcare provider to see if they can remotely fill out your prescriptions or do basic check-ups via video calls. 

Stop stocking:

Toilet paper and paper towels

You're making the situation worse by buying lots of toilet paper. Grocery stores are short on those items, and people are struggling to find more, meaning that they have to stay outside looking for it. There’s enough toilet paper to go around, so don’t hoard. 

Medical grade face masks

N95 masks should be in the hands of health professionals who need them the most. They are regularly exposed to the virus in their everyday routine and need professional equipment and items to protect themselves. Do not buy medical-grade masks. Keep to cloth masks you can buy elsewhere or even make at home.

What do you think? We hope you can manage to buy all your needs during the current health crisis. Remember that if you want help with cleaning and disinfecting your home, Rain City Maids is the business you have to call. Book your cleaning service on our website.

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