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By: Rain City Maids
May 06, 2019

Finding good online resources for when you want to learn something new can be a double edged sword, particularly when it comes to fitness stuff. There’s plenty of material out there, but most of it is hidden behind paywalls and you never really know what you’re getting into until you’re more than a couple of dollars and subscriptions in. Thankfully for us, there’s plenty of awesome people out there who put everything they know into YouTube for the world to see.

We’re going to show you a bunch of really great yoga channels that’ll make a yogi out of you even if you’ve never even stretched in your life (disclaimer: consult your physician and stretch properly before attempting any fitness routine). By following these lessons you’ll save yourself some time, money, and looking like an amateur if you’re just starting to do yoga, and it will let you take more advanced classes if you decide to take it out of the bedroom.


Kino MacGregor, the owner, and host of this channel has over 20 years experience as a yogi, so you can be sure that she knows more than a thing or two about teaching yoga at any level. Her finesse, knowledge, and ability to break down even the most complicated poses and lessons into simple terms mean that she’s the perfect teacher for absolute beginners and people who want to hone what skills they already have alike. A perfect place for both seasoned and future yogis to pick up the pace of what an online lesson is like.

Yoga With Adriene

You’d be hard pressed to find a more popular yoga channel not only on YouTube, but on the internet in general, and with good reason. Adriene offers a varied selection of lessons, series, and playlists each focusing on a specific theme or issue that it’s surprising how unique each of them feels; you’ll find yoga for anxiety sufferers, travelers, to combat stress, strength improvement, flexibility workouts, some of the best yoga for weight loss, and yes, even Halloween yoga. Adriene’s charisma and knowledge, of course, is the main course of the channel, and you’ll undoubtedly learn a lot regardless of what video you click on. All she needs now is “yoga for getting your house cleaned,”and it would be the perfect channel.

Bad Yogi

Do you sometimes feel a little intimidated or repelled by some of the aspects surrounding yoga culture? Most people think of yogis as slim, probably vegan, mantra-repeating flower child talking about chakras; well, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with being like that, but you should know that yoga has a place for everyone, and that’s the goal of Erin Motz of the Bad Yoga channel. A self-described “carnivorous, red wine and French cheese-loving type” whose videos are dedicated to not only teach yoga to everyone under the sun but to remove the perceived snobbery and pretense that sometimes make it hard to fit in yoga circles. You’ll learn to do yoga, but also to love yoga, which makes them the best yoga videos for beginners.

Ekhart Yoga

Run by Esther Ekhart, and internationally renowned yoga teacher, this channel is special because she is often joined by other world-class instructors, giving you the added benefit of constantly getting different perspectives and being exposed to various yoga styles, such as Hatha, Yin, Vinyasa, or Ashtanga. Also, aside from the top level professionals teaching you in every video, you’ll learn mantras, philosophy, meditation techniques, and learn how to focus on different body parts. The videos can last from a couple of minutes to a full hour, so you even get to choose for how long you’re gonna unwind that day.

Yoga With Tim

Yeah, we’ve noticed too; there’s an astounding amount of female yogis over male ones on YouTube. And that’s perfectly and absolutely cool, but it’s good to know that you can get both perspectives into the mix. Tim Senesi, however, is more than a token male eye on yoga, as you’ll learn from watching his videos. Instead of posing along with you, he’ll use other yogis to demonstrate the techniques while he instructs you through the lesson, which can be helpful if you’re more of a listener than a visual learner. It seems that Tim changed channels, so you can check both his new and old place, but if you want to keep updated on the latest, check the one we’re providing here.

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