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By: Rain City Maids
Sep 27, 2018

Most people say that nothing lasts forever, but your clothes can last pretty long if you take care of them. Taking care of your garments will make you look better, make them last longer, and will save you a lot of money when compared to buying new ones.

So don't spend unnecessary time and money in buying new clothes when taking care of your old ones can do!

Here's how do you take care of your clothes and make them last longer!

Use hangers and store clothes in your closet

Hang your nicer clothes in your closet. Be sure to use appropriately sized hangers. You'll want to get cute shirts, dresses, trousers, sweaters, and any other hanging clothes on a hook and onto your rack.

If you spot any creases, try smoothing them out by hand. If smoothing out by hand does not work, think about using a clothing iron.

Address stains and spills immediately

If you spill food or sauce on your clothes, dab ice water or seltzer directly so that the stain does not set.  You should dab rather than rub and before washing, spray the area with a stain pre-treatment. Using hot water to clean stains is not a great idea. It will only set the stain, and you'll have a difficult time removing it.

Be careful when washing your clothes

There's a tag found on the side of your shirt that can give you instructions on how you can launder your clothes. It is designed to ensure that specific clothing stays in great shape. Avoid buying clothes that need special care if you hate hand-washing and line-drying.  You’d be better off spending your money on longer lasting products.

Rotate your clothes

You may have a favorite pair of jeans that you snatch out of the dryer as soon as they're clean, but if you rotate clothes, it means less wear and tear.

After laundry day, the clean stuff goes to the back, while the items still in the closet are moved forward where they’re easier to see and grab. Eventually, your favorite pieces rotate from the end to the front of the closet, where they can be seen and worn again.

Hand wash your underwear

Yes, it takes a lot of your time, but when you're investing in beautiful lingerie, it's important to keep it that way. Underwiring in bras can become misshapen in a washing machine, which can also affect the support. If you really can't stay on top of your hand-washing, invest in an underwear bag, and wash on a cold, delicate wash.

Use garment-storage bags

While you may want to put your dry-cleaning straight back into your closet, those plastic dry-cleaning bags can trap condensation and the chemicals used in cleaning that causes clothes to be yellow. Instead, remove your clothes from the plastic bags and put them in individual garment-storage bags that protect but allows the fabric to breathe.

Clothes cost loads of money, and you want them to last as long as possible. To protect your investment, here are some ways of maintaining clothes and make them last longer. Take care of your home by letting the professionals clean it.

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