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By: Rain City Maids
Apr 15, 2019

Have you ever bought a gift for someone that you want to keep for yourself? That’s what you should feel this Mother’s Day when thinking about unique gifts for mom, especially if she’s an active person. Maybe she loves to run, bike, walk, garden, yoga or even hike. That means she likely wants something that will help her out in any of these cases or just through the day.

Besides breakfast in bed, here are the top picks recommended for moms who get through any grueling days.

1.    Running Shoes

Creating time for yourself to blast long runs regularly can be priceless—most moms already know this. If your mom loves triathlons, then you are in for a shoe-search. Thankfully, you can effortlessly buy for her a pair of versatile kicks. Note that, weight matters, and any shoe under 8 oz. will put a smile on your mama’s face.

The lighter the shoe, the longer she will hold up over long races. Also, they should have a cushioning feature to absorb shock during impact. Consider buying shoes with grippy soles to allow for ease of transition during workouts.

2.    Yoga Kit

Whether she’s a beginner or a yogi, holding your hand on a good kit will help improve her practice. The great idea is to invest in a 4-piece kit: a colorful mat, two blocks, and strap.

3.    Fitness Tracker

Active moms are always on the move and rarely off the clock. A lightweight, wearable tracker is an excellent choice to track all your steps, sleep, and workouts. All you need is a durable tracker with a simple interface and long-lasting battery.

4.    Fleece Leggings

Fleece for one reason: to keep your mom warm during the cold days. Fleece legging can be worn in the gym and outside. All you need is to ensure they are a good fit and not too bland.

5.    Cardiovascular Health Monitor

Put a little effort into your mom’s health by letting her track her heart rate, blood flow, and blood oxygen. This tiny piece is a perfect gift if your mother suffers from high blood pressure. Into the bargain: trackers such as MOCAheart are compatible with both Android and Apple iOS.

6.    Water Bottle

If your mother works out, then she needs a reusable water bottle to carry around. To make it a real surprise go for a bit more expensive hydro flask. And there is a good reason why.

Hydro flasks retain the cold in your water or sports drink for 24 hours. Likewise, it maintains the heat in hot fluids for up to 6 hours. These bottles come in different sizes, but we recommend a 21-ounce, so she isn't weighed down.

The bottle can rarely slip out of your hand as its coating doesn’t condense, even during rigorous exercises. Moreover, the hydro flask is BPA-free and offer you a lifetime warranty.

7.    Food Treats

They say the best way to a mom’s heart is through her stomach. Getting your active mother natural protein treats, explicitly made for ladies wellness, is a great idea. Check out the ingredients and go for plant proteins that are GMO-free.

If possible, pick protein-treats with added vitamin C and biotin for beautiful, youthful skin, and hair. Some brands sell protein food products filled with phosphorous, vitamin D, and calcium that are suitable for bone health and tissue growth.

8.    Wireless Headphones

Look for supreme quality headphones with high-quality audio, and Bluetooth connectivity. Good-quality music sinks you in your workouts. Also, they can be worn during the day, when relaxing. Ensure their wing is flexible enough to remain stable even during jumps.

9.    Mosquito Repellant Hiking Socks

Hiking socks are a thoughtful mother’s gift and are even better if they can protect your mum from mosquito bites. Get your mother permethrin-treated socks this Mother’s Day. Permethrin has no odor and remains active for up to 70 days. Moreover, they are recommended by tour doctors.

If you’re looking for meaningful gifts for mom and if your mom is active, she’ll love a present that compliments her favorite sporting activities. If she enjoys walking with her dog in the evening, you already know what to do. All in all, ensure your active mom’s closet does not miss some perfect leggings and a pair of running shoes.

All said and done; your active mother will always appreciate if her house is made clean—at least not by herself on this special day. So be creative, and hire a team of professional house cleaners this Mother’s Day.

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