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By: Rain City Maids
Oct 26, 2018

Everyone's favorite feasting holiday is just around the corner. It's also that time of the year for families who enjoy crafting and decor. Thanksgiving is the day that focuses on family and gratitude. You can teach your kids the meaning of this particular day when working on the following Thanksgiving crafts.

Check out these easy, kid-friendly Thanksgiving craft ideas:

Origami Turkey

This DIY thanksgiving craft is for kids who love doing origami. Your kids can practice their origami skills with fun and easy turkeys. All you need is a sturdy paper and that's it! You're ready to create turkey paper origamis that can be used as a table decoration for Thanksgiving dinner.

Paper Tube Thanksgiving Characters

At the beginning of November, you can request for everyone's cooperation to save their leftover toilet paper tubes to make these Thanksgiving paper dolls. Your kids will have a blast in making them and they get to play with it throughout the holiday.

Thankful Wind Spinners

For some fall fun, throw these wind spinners into your crafts rotation. This project is also another wonderful way for kids to express their appreciations, this year.

Thanksgiving Turkey Paper Plate Wreath

Made from colorful construction paper and paper plates, even the youngest crafters can assemble this simple Thanksgiving turkey wreath.

Thanksgiving Cootie Catcher

Just like during your childhood, this cootie catcher can be enjoyed by your kids and yourself for some fun memories this Thanksgiving, Make it as festive and fun as you can.

Thanksgiving Turkey Windsocks

You can save money on craft supplies by turning the cans from your pumpkin puree, green beans, and cranberries into these cute decorations.

Easy Thankful Turkeys

A pure paper craft that you can do along with your kids, and be thankful for everything you’ve done during the year by writing it down on the “feathers”. It’s an exercise in gratitude.

Paper Leaf Thanksgiving Table Runner

Get your kids in on the decorating with this easy garland project. You can let each child write down what they're thankful for on the paper leaves for a more personalized touch.

Paper Bag Turkey Puppets

Bring your traditional paper bag puppets to the next level with these colorful feathers. Have your kids write down what they’re most thankful for this year, and those things can be anything.

Colorful Pumpkin Turkey

Turning your leftover Halloween pumpkins into colorful Thanksgiving turkeys using colorful paper and squeeze paint.

Paper Turkey Hat

Wear these paper turkey hat to dinner.  This turkey papercraft is cute and fun to make. This hat features real feathers instead of paper ones.

Corn Husk Painting

Swap out canvas or paper for dried corn husks and let your kids channel their creative energy with paint, glitter, and markers. You can use their colorful creations to make these bright headpieces, flowers, or other fun accessories to wear on Thanksgiving.

Turkey Thank You Card

It’s a great idea for keeping your children’s penmanship from going stale, it helps them write notes about what they’re thankful for, and a fun and old fashioned way to keep in contact with friends and family.

These Thanksgiving craft ideas would also make such cute decorations on your table at dinner. They look festive and can be put together quickly! Kid-friendly and will help keep your little ones occupied while prepare and cook the family dinner. You can also check out these thanksgiving printable arts and crafts. Call the professionals to keep your home spotless and sparkly to wow your family and guests!

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