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By: Rain City Maids
Feb 15, 2021

Technology has made giant leaps, widening the equipment and devices we can use for our chores. While some state-of-the-art cleaning devices and supplies are fancy and expensive, others have become smart modern cleaning tools every home should have. If you are still cleaning with your same-old tools, you may add some new gadgets to your wishlist after reading this blog! These are common household chores that you can fulfill with modern technology.

Dusting and vacuuming floors

All floor cleaning chores begin by removing visible dirt and debris, and a vacuum cleaner is the best tool for that. Although upright corded vacuums have been around for quite some time, they won't be substituted by smart or cordless vacuums anytime soon. Still, some modern vacuums can offer exceptional advantages for you.

Stick Vacuums

Stick vacuums are the light and ready-to-use versions of a vacuum cleaner. You can find them in a wide variety of models. Although these devices don't have powerful suction, they come in handy if you have a tight schedule or small children running around your home. We recommend them as a secondary option to use when you need to skip directly to the cleaning.

Robot Vacuums

Almost 20 years have passed since the first Roomba reach the market, and each year, more robotic vacuums are helping with the chores. You can find smart vacuums with different features, but in general, they can automatically clean your floor using sensors to avoid collisions and falls. However, a robot cleaner won't take away all your chores. They still need maintenance to prevent them from sticking or eating cables. 

Cleaning hard-surfaced floors

String mops are mainly used for their low cost and efficiency in spacious areas. Since moping is essential on hard surfaces like tiles or hardwood, most households include one among their cleaning supplies. However, the options for cleaning your hard-surface floor have expanded in recent years.

Microfiber pad mops

Compared to a string mop, microfiber pad mops are weightless. This tool is more versatile because you don't have to drag a messy bucket around your home—some even come with a spraying mechanism. Instead of cotton strings, they require an interchangeable microfiber pad. Although a flat mop may cost more than an old-fashioned one, microfiber is more effective in capturing dirt, using less water and cleaning solution. 

Steam Mops

Steam mops work similarly to spray mops, but the steam mops' heat loosens grime without needing any chemical product or scrubbing. This type of mop works best on vinyl or tile floors and takes away any stubborn dirt after regular sweeping or vacuuming. However, it has some disadvantages: using hot steam to clean may represent a burning hazard. Also, sudden temperature changes and humidity can damage wood and laminate floors

Mopping robots

Another way to get rid of the bucket is with a mopping robot. Like robot vacuum cleaners, mopping robots won't take away all your chores, but they can help. Mopping robots have different advantages, like a navigation system that defines a route on your floors and clean with mopping pads and brushes. If you want spotless floors without extra effort, this option is for you.

Smart window cleaning

Simplify your window cleaning tasks with the right tools. Ornate drapes, window blinds, and glass panels need a careful cleaning process, and they can get neglected easily. 

Microfiber blind brush

With low-tech microfiber brushes like this, you can clean your window blinds without taking them off the hook. Microfiber lifts and captures dust and grime better than other clothes. Using these adjustable brushes, you can clean both sides of the window blinds.

Window robot cleaner

Cleaning outside the windows on multiple-story buildings is usually a job for a professional, but robotic window cleaners can deliver excellent results too. These devices can attach themselves to the window surface by suction or magnetic mechanisms and then use brushes and cloths in automatic movement. Even if they need regular maintenance, they are a useful tool to keep your indoor and outdoor windows clean and streak-free.

Cleaning for pet owners

Keeping the home clean isn't simple for pet owners. Indoor pets require you to clean after them, but many modern tools will help you deal with a messy dog or cat.

Pet hair broom and vacuum

As a pet owner, if you struggle with pet hair after cleaning, your vacuum cleaner may not be up to the task. You can find vacuums designed with pet hair in mind and in different models (handheld, stick, or upright design) to fit your needs. Another option is getting a broom for pet hair. Being low-tech and almost like a regular broom, you can get one without spending too much.

Self-cleaning litter box

Cleaning your cat's litter box is the less rewarding part of being a cat owner, but a simple device can make it easier. A sifting litter box (a low-tech box with an integrated sift) will practically clean itself. There are many automatic litter boxes, and you only have to choose the best for your cat!

All-purpose, smart modern cleaning tools

Electric scrubber

An electric scrubbing brush takes away the effort from scrubbing your tiles and furnishings. You can find them in different sizes and functions, but they all work like an electric toothbrush. They can be perfect for your bathroom cleaning and other chores with a lot of scrubbing!

Melamine sponges

Melamine sponges may not be electric powered, but sure they are a technological bliss for your home chores. These sponges are made of melamine foam, which acts like fine sandpaper when wet. They can work without cleaning solutions and are known for their effectiveness in cleaning hard-to-remove grime. But, as powerful tools as they are, you have to be careful when using them. Don't use melamine sponges on polished, painted, or any delicate surface. To make sure the sponge won't do any damage, always test on a small area before scrubbing. They can be harsh on your skin, so always use them with gloves.

You don't have to own many smart modern cleaning tools, but sometimes, it’s worth investing in a device to facilitate your daily chores. Other times, you could need a professional hand to tackle all your cleaning needs properly. Rain City Maids provides a high-quality cleaning service that surely will meet your goals. Don't wait and get your quote now!

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