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By: Rain City Maids
Dec 08, 2020

This year the holidays will be toned down a bit because of the pandemic. No matter if it’s a smaller and more intimate dinner or a remote gift opening session with the family, the budget can get stretched very quickly. Worrying about finance can take away from the enjoyment of the season, especially with this year. Rather than stress, find ways you can focus on the memories and activities and not on the less meaningful “things” and “gifts.” 

One area that shouldn’t be expensive or cause money worries; holiday decorations! You can take a cue from holidays past and decorate your home using a little creativity and craftiness for almost nothing!  Here’s a round-up of some easy DIY holiday decorations to make your whole house feel festive and bright!

These aren’t projects that require fantastic art skills or complicated components. First, look to nature. Adding a touch of nature to your home is as easy as visiting your backyard, local park, or hiking trails to pick up some free natural items, i.e., pine boughs and branches, pine cones, holly leaves, and more. Our state provides a plethora of items to choose from.  Remember to check before taking anything that could be prohibited or endangered. Here is a link to verify before you pick: Washington Native Plant Society if you are unsure.  After you are done with your gathering adventure, make sure gathered items are creature and dirt free. It is recommended to let them sit in the garage for a few days and give a quick rinse off before putting them on display to eliminate any dirt or allergens. 

With these nature items, you can go in a variety of directions for decorating. From a simple look or more traditional style with adding more decorative items.  Some ideas include making handmade pine swags and wreaths for the front door or above the fireplace. By adding a few adornments such as a bow, these pine creations not only look great but since they are fresh, they have a great scent of pine as they are in your warm house.

Pine cones and pine needles can also be used in vases or jars with decorative beads and accents.  If you like fragrance, you can also add a couple of drops of holiday scented essential oils to have this decor do double duty; a festive tablescape and great scents to the air. Like most households, you have a lonely candle or two that are ready to be “spruced” up.  Hot-gluing pine needles or pine cones around a candle can give it new life with a festive new look. 

Now that you have brought the outdoors to take a peek in those storage bins and closets for everyday items to be renovated into unique holiday decor. While you are creating new visuals, you may make some homemade gifts to save additional money from buying gifts.

Some key items to round-up around the house are white and colored paper.  You can even upcycle scrap paper instead of tossing.  Next on the list is hot glue or some type of glue that dries clear (or with sparkle for a touch of shine).  Other unique items to gather are empty bottles and vases, lonely lego pieces, puzzle pieces from an incomplete puzzle, corks, or any other craft items that would give some fun to the decor. 

Now that you have items ready.  Here are a variety of things that you can whip up.  With the corks, you can use them to make a wreath or shape for an ornament or display piece. You can use your craft supplies on-hand to fit your style. The Legos and puzzle pieces can easily be secured together and shaped into a wreath. The size and shape will depend on how many of each item you have or to your liking. Of the group of things mentioned above, the paper is the most versatile. The options are endless. Some popular items are a paper garland or wreath or colored paper strips in a glass container or vase in holiday colors. A big money saver is using this colored paper as wrapping paper. You can dress it up with stamps, drawings, or even have your children help create personalized wrapping paper.  Lastly, it is a crowd favorite to create a paper snowflake. If you’re bored with classic snowflake decorations, you can make a more modern and stylish ornament from felt or patterned paper. You can make them in vibrant colors to pop out in your interior or on your Christmas tree. 

We saved the easiest category for last, and everyone is sure to have it on hand.  Food!  Food is an easy and festive way to create charming decor.  Oranges, cranberries, and popcorn are great ways to make a fragrant and beautiful garland. 

Use hot cocoa and coffee to create a holiday-themed coffee or hot chocolate bar.  This could be as elaborate or simple as you like. Don’t forget holiday cookies or candies to give a holiday look without the work. Especially peppermints and candy canes. Even add some shine with the metallic wrappers of Hershey kisses. The best thing about using food is that you can nibble it through the holiday without guilt. Check your pantry for spices, cinnamon, and ginger that add to the fragrance of the season. Boiling some in a warmer or on the stove adds a sweet aroma to the home.

Once your holiday is over, you and your family are probably exhausted; you should treat yourself to a deep scrub of your home with Rain City Maids.  Have a wonderful holiday, from the Rain City Maids family.

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