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By: Rain City Maids
Apr 02, 2018

Yes, we get it. You’re busy.

Too busy to grab a bite, no spare time to have fun, too backed up to pause for a sec and breathe. But tell us, are you that swamped that out of all the hours of the day, you can’t make time for self-care?

It’s quite ironic how you put yourself at the end of your to-do list when in fact, you should be on top of it. You need to understand that practical self care is crucial to how you function and solve your tasks every day.

How can you even accomplish everything when you’re all physically and mentally burnt out? The answer is, you can’t.

So, can you squeeze in self-care despite a fully booked schedule? Of course, you can.

Here are some daily self care routine tips perfect for you–busy people!

If you have a minute to spare:

  1. Grab a chair, sit up straight and close your eyes. Doing so can remove the visual stimuli that can distract your mind from processing and think about new things. It can give you a whole new level of peace of mind to take over both your body and soul.
  2. Breathe in, breathe out. Notice how your breath goes in and out of your nostrils and lungs. Feel the moment and acknowledge how your body energizes and keeps you alive.
  3. Spoil yourself with positive affirmations that sound true at the exact moment. It’s an excellent way to make you feel great about yourself–in a good way, of course. And if you want to, you can practice doing this in front of the mirror so you can feel it more. It helps!
  4. Brush your hair. You might not know it, but brushing your hair (either with your hands or with a comb) can do more than make you look pretty. It can stimulate a lot of acupuncture points to calm your mind and encourage blood flow to your head.
  5. Rub your temples. Man, that feels so good especially in the middle of a stressful situation. No kidding!
  6. Write down in your journal. It can be pretty much about anything that had happened in your day so far–you ate the most delicious ice cream in the world, your crush smiled at you or even if a random stranger greeted you in the middle of the street. You can write the things you are grateful for and read them each morning.
  7. Get up and stretch. Yep, you need that. You can also do a quick happy dance to stretch your muscles out and help you keep going!

If you get an extra five-minute break:

  1. Uhmmmmm… Meditate! Breathing, centering, and stillness is all essential components of meditation proven to help busy people rejuvenate as they go for self-care. But if you’re not into the whole meditating thing, you can sit back, relax and zone out!
  2. Make that highly anticipated phone call since your day started. It can be a call for your mom, dad, best friend, loved one or someone who can lighten up your mood. It feeds both your mind and your heart.
  3. Do things that can make you smile or have fun–that fits your five-minute time off, of course. You can blast out your favorite feel-good song (Shake it Off by Taylor Swift is an excellent recommendation if you don’t have one) and dance away. Or you can browse your camera roll for wacky photos with friends and forward them to the people you’re with. Not only will you smile, but your friends will do too. Share the happiness!
  4. Treat yourself your most-liked meal. You can buy it or whip up something. It’s your choice because there’s no better way to pamper yourself than to feed your tummy something delicious, right?
  5. Plan for your self-care squeeze-ins for tomorrow. Hey, planning is always good! Save yourself from the stress of not fixing your to-do list.

If you manage to free up thirty minutes:

  1. Take a nice, warm bath. Imagine yourself luxuriating in a hot tub complete with candles, oils, bath gels, aromas, and soft music to lead you out from reality and leave the rest of the world behind. A soothing bath sesh will calm and relax the body and soul at the end of a busy day.
  2. Relax out on the couch and grab your favorite book. Reading can be an excellent way of refueling the mind to help you more for the day. Finishing a few chapters can make you feel refreshed more than you expect it to be.
  3. Take a nap. If you can’t complete the whole eight-hour sleeping requirement, then a rest even for thirty minutes can boost your energy. You’ll feel recharged after you wake up. Oh, and don’t forget to set the alarm–you know, just in case you might oversleep.
  4. Exercise and jog away. Physical activities are an essential part of taking care of yourself along with a proper diet. So if you see a chance to jog, grab it!

If you are free for an entire day:

  1. Go away, and we mean away. Take a beautiful long drive away from your normal world and into a new one. It can be a hike on a mountain, a swim in a beach, or a trip to the theme park. It doesn’t matter where, as long as you’ll be able to relax, gain a new perspective and have fun, pack your bags and go! Let your worries be taken away by the wind.
  2. Pamper yourself. Do EVERYTHING that you wanted to do while you were busy. It can be anything from shooting hoops, getting a massage and pedi, spending time with your family, and binge-watching your favorite series. Remember, you have all twenty-four hours in your hands. Spend it wisely!

Note that with these tips, there is no wrong way to do it, just do it.

Remember that no amount of money, fame or success can do you more than with what a strong, clear mind can offer you. It’s crucial to stress out than Justin Bieber was right all along that you need to love yourself.

As for cleaning, you don’t need to worry about that! Cross it out from your list and spend that time to relax. After all, there are professional cleaning services to help you out!

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