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By: Rain City Maids
Sep 25, 2017

Looking to add some extra minutes to your day while still enjoying delicious home-cooked meals? We've got you covered with a collection of clever kitchen hacks that will save you valuable time. With these tips, you can savor the flavors of your favorite dishes without sacrificing your schedule. 

Say goodbye to rushed meals or skipping dinner altogether. And guess what? You can even dedicate that extra time to the things you love. So, if you're ready to reclaim your time and discover the magic of efficiency in the kitchen, keep reading. 

Oh, and by the way, have you heard about personalized home cleaning by skilled professionals? It's another way to save time and ensure your living space stays sparkling clean. But more on that later—let's dive into these time-saving kitchen hacks first!

Time Saving Kitchen Hacks

1. Plan ahead

It may be the most obvious thing, and it may not exactly be a hack, but planning and preparing ahead of time would get things done in the kitchen faster. Deciding today what you’ll have for tomorrow’s meals lets you proceed to cook, instead of thinking about dinner at 5 pm. Start small. First, you can choose to plan your meals for a day. Later on, when you’re used to meal planning, you can step it up and create a weekly menu.  

2. Check your Supplies

Do you want to be sure that everything you’ve planned will reach your plate, right? It won’t be possible if you’re cut short on supplies!  That said, the next step is to check and see what supplies you have on hand.  Look inside the fridge, check your freezer, and then the cupboards for all the ingredients, including seasonings and spices, that you will need.  

Carry a notepad and write those things down on your grocery shopping list as you find that they are not on hand or short in supply.  That way you can check your list as you shop.  Using a weekly meal plan allows you to do your grocery shopping just once a week so you save more time, with no last minute trips to the store!

3. Onion and Garlic storage hack

Onions and Garlic may have protective layers that let them stay fresh for a while, but not long enough! With this storage hack, you can extend their life a little longer than usual. All you need is a paper clip, a paper bag, and a hole puncher.   You’ll be surprised to know that you can extend your onion and garlic life for up to 3 months!

But how will this hack save you time? Come to think of it; you wouldn’t have to worry about onion and garlic supplies for a few months. It will also allow you to store more if you’re really into using them in your cooking.

4. Have organized cupboards or shelves

One thing most people do with their shelves or cupboards is that they have larger cookware at the back and smaller one's upfront. The result? Before you get your hands with the pots and pans, you’d have to get the other things out of the way!

So, find a way to organize your shelves in a way that you don’t have to take away pieces you don’t use regularly. Use some space saving devices such as small portable shelving units that allow you to stack more items in one space and those on the door storage racks, too.  You could even consider an upright rack for those pan lids too.

4. Slow cooker as a time saver?

Sounds ironic, doesn’t it? Give it a chance, though. It’s not what you think it is. See, the best way to take advantage of your slow cooker is to use it in the morning to prepare a meal for the evening.  That’s right!   Before you leave for work, put all your ingredients in the slow cooker, turn it on and let it cook throughout the day.  Who doesn’t want to go home to a delicious meal, right?

However, use caution when choosing your recipes.  Some slow cooker meals tell you to use things like canned-soup, and that isn’t very healthy. So consider making your own soup stock ahead of time, then freeze it in one cup portions so it’s handy when you need it.   

And while you’re at work, why don’t you maximize your satisfaction by hiring professional home cleaning services. Let them clean your home as your dinner cooks. Don’t you just love going home from a tiring day at work to the sweet smell of a clean house and a delicious dinner?

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