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By: Rain City Maids
Oct 09, 2017

It seems rather simple; you hire a professional cleaning service, they come in, clean your house and leave. But the truth is, there is a certain amount of preparation and cooperation required for a smooth-sailing and efficient cleaning experience with your chosen maid service. While the basics are rather simple; meet with the cleaning service, check for reliable references and discuss liability insurance, there are other aspects that you must not overlook.

It’s often the case wherein homeowners end up dissatisfied with a cleaning company and discontinue the services when the fact of the matter is that the cleaners weren’t given a fair chance to work efficiently. To avoid going through a similar experience, we’re giving you the ultimate guide to being well-prepared for a maid service. It also offers on how to cooperate with them for satisfactory results!

List Things to be Done

You may have some specifics in mind where cleaning is concerned; hence, we suggest listing down particular areas that you wish to be cleaned apart from the obvious ones, of course. In fact, it’s helpful to make a cleaning schedule for cleaners to follow so that nothing is overlooked, says Maid Near Me Dallas.

Tidy Up Before They Arrive

You may have paperwork or personal belongings lying around the place that get in the way when trying to clean. Moreover, cleaners don’t know where to put things and hence, may end up misplacing something. Therefore, it’s important to tidy up and allow your maid service to work efficiently.  

Make a Suitable Proper Cleaning Schedule

It can be rather inconvenient for both, you and the cleaners, to have your schedules clash. It’s difficult for cleaners to work efficiently when you or the kids are up and about or getting in the way. Similarly, it’s an inconvenience to the household members who get stalled in whatever they may be doing because the maid has to finish cleaning. Hence, it’s advisable to pick a time in the day or evening when either no one’s home or just one of you is.

Always be Polite and Honest

Remember that like you, cleaners need to adjust to a new family and home. Also, they need for the cleaning guidelines that come with them. They may make a few mistakes in the beginning but that’s no reason to be rude or give up hope. It’s also important, to be honest with them and (politely) correct them as needed.

Help Them Help You!

Out of respect and the desire to make your experience with a maid service a successful one. This is the considerate thing to do is to clean up after yourself! If you choose to be a slob and leave pizza crusts in an empty box under the sofa, you’ll probably be your cleaners’ least favorite customer! So, help them to help you by making their job a little easier. This means picking up after yourself, cleaning up food spills when they occur, basic tidying up, etc.

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