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By: Rain City Maids
Apr 06, 2017

Pre-Vacation Things to do Before You Leave for a Vacation

A vacation is the one chance you get to take a break from your regular life and enjoy yourself to the max! No worries, no cares; just you and your partner or family making the most of a much-needed holiday. Of course, there is tons of planning and errands to do before you can just lock up your home and be on your way.

To have a stress-free and carefree vacation, you can’t leave anything to chance where the safety of your home is concerned. There are quite a few things you need to do at home before you go on vacation and we’re going to walk you through each of them. Read on!

#1 Turn Off Main Water Supply

If you have a separate valve that controls the main water supply for your home, turn it off to be on the safe side. If you can't-do this for whatever reason, make sure all the valves for your bathrooms, kitchen sink, washer, are closed.

#2 Unplug Appliances and Electronics

Regardless of whether you choose to switch off the main power supply from the meter board, you should unplug your televisions, computers, washer, air conditioners and just about any electrical in your home. The refrigerator, perhaps, is the only appliance that needs to run if you're going on a short vacation; however, if you’re planning to switch it off then you should unplug it as well.

#3 Give Away Perishables

Depending on how long you're going to be away, it’s advisable to give away perishables like fruits, vegetables, dairy products, etc. Even if refrigerated, these products are likely to spoil or become very stale by the time you get back. Give them to a neighbor or donate them to a welfare home in your vicinity.

#4 Avoid Causes of Stench

Make sure you take the garbage out; that includes bathroom and bedroom bins. Avoid leaving dirty dishes or dirty laundry at home while you're away. Similarly, don’t leave wet laundry in your washer or anywhere else as this promotes the growth of mildew. Another cause of mold growth is dirty, damp bathrooms. So, be sure to clean and air your bathrooms before you leave.

#5 Forward Your Mail

Check with a neighbor to have your mail forwarded to them while you're away so that important letters aren’t misplaced. You should also instruct your paperboy not to deliver newspapers to your house till you get back. Papers left on your doorstep are the first indication that the house is locked up and that could invite trouble!

#6 Cover all “Peep-ins”

If your curtains aren’t doing a good job in keeping prying eyes out, block out these ‘peep-in’ spaces with sheets of newspapers. Take a walk around the house and look for any more spaces that may need covering up.

#7 Keep a Spare Key with Someone Trusted

In case of an emergency, keep a spare house key with a relative or close friend so that they can enter if needed. This will be inevitable if you have houseplants that need to be watered periodically. It also gives you the peace of mind that someone you trust is checking up on your home while you're away.

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