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By: Rain City Maids
Feb 05, 2018

The majority of people – couples and friends celebrate Valentine’s Day in the comfort of their own homes instead of going out.  Celebrating it at home can be a lot of fun.  Whether you’re spending the day as a couple or with a group, it’s essential to have your home prepped for the occasion. So if you’re hosting this year’s Valentine’s Day get-together, here are the things you should note:

Organize your house for the following ideas!

If you’re planning to make it a movie night…

#1. Set the mood

In case your house doesn’t have its mini theater, the best place to have a movie marathon with friends is in the living room or family room. To make the ambiance more theater-like, you might want to dim the lights a bit and have candles all over the place. Make sure you have comfy seats or soft blankets on the floor. Throw in fluffy pillows and voila! You’re almost done.

#2. Choose your treats

Of course, a movie night is not complete without popcorn! Make it extra special for the night and top it off with some classic sweets like candy hearts and pink M&M’s mixed in with the popcorn. If you don’t have enough time to go to the grocery store, you can fix up snacks commonly found in your homes such as chocolates, soda, and chips.

#3. Play the perfect movie

For group dates, the most common genres of choice are romance and comedy or both. It depends on what the group enjoys most. If you’re watching with children, you can consider watching the classics like Mary Poppins, Snow White or The Wizard of Oz.

If you’re planning a house party…

#1. Prep up food

As what they say, “the best way to a person’s heart is through their stomachs,” so your Valentine’s Day party should never miss tasty treats. Majority of your visitors will most likely look for sweets and baked goodies. Heart-shaped snacks or V-day related meals are suitable for the occasion.

Try making cookies shaped like hearts, Valentine’s popcorn, or sweetheart candies. You can also try making (or order to pick up)  a heart-shaped pizza or a yummy dish on a holiday-themed plate.

#2. Set up the decorations

The quickest and easiest way to fill up a room for a party is by going with holiday-themed balloons. Dress up your tables with centerpieces, candles, and a lovely tablecloth. You can place roses in a vase for an ideal centerpiece and rose petals around your table and home.  

Check out these other DIY sweet and simple V-Day decorations for your party!

#3. Plan your activities

Spice the party up with music and tunes! Make everything easier for you by having a party playlist. Have your friends suggest songs and include only those that fit the event.

Also, don’t forget to play games to get the party going! Have a different set of activities for children if they will be attending. You can prepare old-style board games like Monopoly or Pictionary or card games like Old Maid, Crazy Eights.  Of course, there are a lot of newer games for them to play too.  Poker, pinochle and other card games had always been a usual choice for adult activities. If it’s a family thing, you can choose between charades, twister, and even video games.  

#4. Clean up

Parties are always fun but don’t forget the clean up after! Hire a professional cleaning service to help you out! A useful tip to get you by before the party is to be clean as much as you go. Now that you’ve got a plan and are knowledgeable about a trusted cleaning service, you’re good to go!

Homebound this Valentine’s Day? Not a problem! With these tips, you can spend the day with your squad at home with no worries!

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