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By: Rain City Maids
Dec 03, 2019

It’s crunch time. Deadlines are piling up. Your office looks like a kindergartner’s classroom. You’re at your limit when you remember this Friday is your office party. You have no gift and no time to go shopping. Fear not! You’re not alone. Rain City Maids will show you several last-minute gift ideas for coworkers. 

Emergency Relief Kit 

You know better than anyone how stressful work is when crunching deadlines; your neck begins to ache, your shoulders tighten, and a pulse forms in the temples of your forehead. You reach into your desk drawer to find no relief. What better gift than no pain for your fellow coworker. In no time at all, just run down to the drugstore and pick up a nice gift bag then fill it with pain medicine, antacids, hand sanitizer, Band-Aids, unscented muscle ointment, and stress relief tablets. The receiver of this gift will forever thank you. 

Cravings Bonanza 

What better way to satisfy a stressful day than to indulge a craving...or two. Chocolate is the leader when it comes to giving in to our weaker side. Fortunately, chocolate is easy to come by, especially around the holidays. A variety of chocolates will appease even the most crave-heavy coworker in the office, so stuff your gift bag full to the brim and watch the bearer’s eyes fill with joy this holiday season. 

Rainy Day Fund Starter 

The holidays bring about a rare time in the season where you get some off time from work. But after spending all your money on gifts you realize you’re broke. You wish you had put a little bit of money away each paycheck just for a moment like this. Well, here’s an opportunity to start a fellow coworker out on the right path! All you need is a small mason jar with a label, a ribbon, any amount of money, and a note explaining the benefits of saving a little from your paycheck over time. Next, write on the jar “Rainy Day Funds”. Now you have set good karma in motion. 

The Coffee Collection 

For the non-morning person, there’s only one thing that will get them When rushed to find the perfect last-minute office party gift just head to the grocery store. In most major chains you will find gourmet coffees alongside standard brews. Be sure to be creative in your variety and to add no less than three different kinds of coffee. Other items that could be added to this gift package include flavored syrups, flavored creamers, and edible coffee stirrers. With this gift, your coworker will be buzzed and ready for work every day. 

The Wine Connoisseur 

After a long day at the office and a grueling trek through rush hour, all you want is a long hot bath with a nice glass of wine. Why not share this luxury as a gift idea for your coworkers. Simply purchase your favorite bottle of wine and tie a ribbon around the neck. To spice up the gift, purchase a wedge of gourmet cheese and crackers and spiced jelly. Your coworker will feel luxurious as they indulge after a long hard day of work. 

Gift Card Bouquet 

It’s the day before the office party and not only did you forget a gift but your short on cash, worry not. Gift cards are a quick pick up from just about any location from gas station to the grocery store. To nice it up, buy a holiday card and three low denomination gift cards. Next, fan the gift cards and tape them to the holiday card and leave a note of well-wishes. Some helpful suggestions include gas cards, meal cards, store cards, and movie cards. Anything to alleviate financial stress is always a welcomed gift. The weekend has finally sprung upon you, but you no longer feel stressed about the upcoming office party. In fact, you’re looking forward to it thanks to these last-minute holiday gift ideas for your office. Five o’clock ticks on your phone. You drop your pen, take a deep sigh, grab the gift from the bottom drawer of your desk and smile. This is going to be a great night!

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