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By: Rain City Maids
Mar 07, 2022

Keeping up with regular cleaning tasks can be a feat in itself, especially when life gets busy. We all know that feeling of watching dirt accumulate on surfaces, but deep cleaning our homes tends to get pushed aside until it becomes overdue. So, how often should you actually tackle a thorough deep clean? It's a question that lingers in the minds of homeowners everywhere. 

As a general guideline, it's recommended to schedule a deep cleaning session two to four times a year. However, when you start considering each individual area in your home, things can get a bit more complex. But fret not, we're here to delve into the topic and shed some light on the ideal frequency for deep cleaning different areas of your abode. 

And hey, have you ever heard of green cleaning services? They're an eco-friendly option to consider for a healthier, more sustainable approach to cleaning. But let's not get ahead of ourselves. Join us as we uncover the secrets to keeping your home fresh and pristine.


The kitchen, along with the bathroom, requires more constant and thorough cleaning than the rest of your home. It makes sense; your kitchen has a high number of appliances and fixtures that need detailed cleaning. Besides, grease, food residue, and moisture can make a mess.

Then, how often should you deep clean your kitchen? As a rule of thumb, deep clean once a month to tackle grime and grease buildup in the kitchen. However, you should clean and disinfect the floor and surfaces where food is handled at least once a week.

On the other side, cabinets and drawers can skip deep cleaning for longer—but not indefinitely!

Even if you wipe your kitchen cabinets off regularly, grease will build up, and dust will appear inside them over time. Wipe the insides of your cabinets and scrub the surfaces thoroughly each couple of months or quarterly.

And what about the kitchen appliances?

Cleaning kitchen appliances often involves cleaning inside of them. Prepare yourself to remove burnt-on food and sticky residue. 

Here are the most common appliances you'll need to clean and how often.

  • Dishwasher: Clean your dishwasher thoroughly once a month if you use it regularly. 
  • Refrigerator: Stainless steel requires constant wiping to avoid fingerprints and other stains. However, to keep the inside smelling fresh, you should take everything out and clean it every 3 to 4 months.
  • Microwave: If you use your microwave regularly, clean inside and outside roughly every week. It will prevent burnt-on stains and lingering food smells.
  • Oven: Remove grease stains and burnt-on residue quarterly. If you don't use this appliance frequently, you can clean it once or twice a year.

Signs that your kitchen needs deep cleaning

You'll notice deep cleaning is overdue by the foul odors coming from the sink, appliances, and other surfaces where food is handled. The dishwasher and humid places can start to give off a musty smell—that most likely means mold is growing.

Besides, look for grease buildup on cabinets and appliances. If the surfaces feel sticky, deep cleaning is overdue. Also, you may find burnt-on stains, sticky residue, and lingering food smell inside appliances.

Living areas and bedrooms

Most homeowners vacuum and tidy up their living areas and bedrooms on a regular basis. However, once every month, you should dust every knick-knack, wall decoration, ceiling fan, blinds, window frames, and visible sides of your furniture.

Also, look carefully at corners and tight spaces to spot cobwebs and remove them at least once a month. Wash the bedding weekly to prevent dust mites and other allergens. Besides, once or twice a year, you should tackle the dirt on hidden places—you'll need to move the furniture!

Signs that the living areas and bedrooms need a deep cleaning

If you haven't had the chance to deep clean your living areas and bedrooms, you'll find dust everywhere. Look for excess dust and cobwebs on hidden spots, like behind the furniture, window frames, and ceiling fan blades.

Look for dust inside your closet. Also, strip the bedding and ensure the mattress seems in good condition. If you find excess dust or stains on any surface, it's time to deep clean.


Your bathroom needs thorough and constant cleaning to keep bacteria in check. Deep clean the toilet and shower at least once a week. If you have a glass shower door, wipe it off daily. On the other hand, if your shower has a curtain, you can wash it every week.

Cleaning the bathroom floor once or twice a week is enough. However, if you usually mop the bathroom in a hurry, take the time to clean the floor thoroughly and reach every spot once a month.

The vanities, cabinets, drawers, and mirrors in your bathroom can wait a couple of weeks or maybe a month before you need to clean them.

Signs that your bathroom needs a deep cleaning

Look for grime building up on the tile and grout. Also, search for stains behind the toilet and inside the bowl. Open the drawers and cabinets to see how dusty it is inside—if you find excess dust, cleaning is overdue. Sometimes it can be difficult to get the desired look of your bathroom after cleaning but not when you have expert home cleaners handle the chores for you.

If there's soap scum or other stains on the shower, you'll need to scrub it. Also, if your mirror has smudges, it's time to clean it.

Laundry room, attic, garage, and basement

The areas in your home with less traffic are the ones that need less cleaning. However, there are always exceptions to the rule. For example, excess moisture (usually on basements and laundry rooms) can make the room messy. 

Deep clean all those less frequented areas in your home once or twice a year.

Signs that you need to deep clean these rooms

Search for cobwebs, dusty surfaces, and grime. If you find any, maybe it's time to deep clean. Also, keep on the lookout for areas with excess moisture. Mold can strive there and become a problem that won't go away even with deep cleaning. 

Do you need help with the cleaning?

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