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By: Rain City Maids
Mar 15, 2021

Spring is a time to renew yourself and your home. The good news is that you can do both at the same time! Living in a neat and clean home has many benefits for you. Do you know the mental effect of a tidy and clean home? In this blog, you will learn how a tidy and clean home improves life and why you should start spring cleaning right away!

Why is spring cleaning so important?

Spring cleaning it's the closest we have to a cleaning tradition. It's not clear where spring cleaning comes from; still, there are many reasons why we keep cleaning our homes from top to bottom at the end of winter. 

Cleaning winter's mess

Winter's harsh weather can make your home messy. Fireplaces are more active, windows are closed to preserve warm air, and the dry wind carries dust everywhere. But, once the temperature rises, it's time to clean the stale air and dirt accumulated during winter. Also, if you received lots of gifts or bought yourself new things during the holidays, dealing with the stuff that doesn't serve you anymore (selling, tossing, etc.) after winter will prevent clutter from appearing.

Coping with spring allergies

After winter, trees and grass release more pollen into the air. Allergic reactions occur when your immune system is fighting a particle (commonly non-harmful). Pollen is the main reason people suffer from spring allergies; however, indoor allergens become present in the warm days of spring too! Spring cleaning is how we eliminate allergens like dust, dust mites, and mold to ease symptoms.

It's a starting point

For many households, the most thorough cleaning of the year takes place during springtime. Deep cleaning at least once a year is important to complete the often overlooked tasks. Spring cleaning also works to catch up with your household chores, especially if your home has overdue cleaning tasks or clutter. Economist Katherine L. Milkman identifies the "fresh start effect" on dates where the motivation is higher than usual. The new year is the most significant fresh start of the year. However, spring has a strong fresh start effect too, and spring cleaning is how we take advantage of it.

How living in a messy home affects you?

A dirty home becomes a problem when particles that endanger your health (like mold and pet dander) increase considerably. Nonetheless, a home can become messy with excessive clutter too. Clutter is almost inevitable in most households, but it has many adverse effects on our mental health and lives. As we deep-clean at least once a year, every homeowner has to declutter from time to time. Keep reading to discover some effects a messy home has on your mental health.

Raising your stress levels

A messy home and excessive clutter are linked to high levels of stress. Although many people in our country identify their cleaning chores as a cause of anxiety, clutter and stress have a complicated relationship—it's hard to know why it raises stress levels. Experts identify many ways clutter can cause stress. One reason is the overwhelming amount of stimulus that a messy space can throw you, like unpleasant odors. Our brain likes order and cleanliness; an unclean environment can stress you out by signaling your brain that there is work to do. 

Reducing your productivity

In contexts like home office and home school (where productivity matters), clutter can become a big problem. All the time you spend searching for stuff is taken away from your productive hours. Your home has less space for you if it is occupied with stuff, adding time to any activity. In an excessively cluttered home, even navigating through the floor is challenging.

Lowering your mood

Nobody likes living in a dirty or untidy environment. In modern busy times, it is hard to keep our home neat and tidy. A messy home can make us feel uncomfortable in our own living space and even trigger feelings of guilt and embarrassment. Experts suggest that excessive cluttered and messy homes are often related to unhealthy habits, anxiety, or other health issues. However, it's hard to know if the unclean environment provokes the issues or vice-versa—but sure it influences. On the other hand, cleaning and keeping your home organized is related to a better mood, and repetitive cleaning tasks have a similar effect to meditation or exercise.

Tips for spring cleaning and decluttering

Divide your home into areas

For many homeowners, spring cleaning is a multiple-day job. Divide your spring cleaning into achievable tasks by area to prevent it from becoming overwhelming. Remember that spring is excellent for decluttering too! Better to tackle this chore room by room. Plan each task thoroughly. Jump onto another room only after finishing your current chore.

Do a little every day

The hard part of spring cleaning is catching up with overdue cleaning tasks and getting rid of the clutter accumulated during the year. To prevent chores from piling up, clean a little now and then. Instead of a week-long cleaning once a year, having a short monthly deep-clean will work better. To take care of clutter before it becomes a problem, avoid holding objects "just in case" and apply the "one in, one out" rule.

Make it a team effort

Spring cleaning is perhaps the most challenging household task you are going to face throughout the year. Don't do it all by yourself! Spring cleaning is the perfect time to involve every household member, especially when it comes to decluttering their own spaces. Having a friend helping you with sentimental clutter can make it easier. Try it out!

Or you can hire a professional to help you! Professional cleaners might be what you need. Rain City Maids services the Seattle area with its high-quality deep cleaning service, perfect for your seasonal cleaning. You don't need to worry about a thing; we bring the cleaning supplies, the skills, and the right attitude. The best part is that getting your quote only takes a few minutes.

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