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By: Rain City Maids
May 16, 2022

Living with a furry friend is a joy, but let's face it, dealing with pet hair and odors can be a challenge. We all want our homes to be clean and fresh, both for ourselves and our beloved pets. However, it can be tough to keep up with regular cleaning tasks while juggling our daily responsibilities. 

Luckily, there are ways to stay on top of your home cleaning and ensure a tidy environment for your entire household, furry companions included! In this blog post, we'll share some pet-friendly cleaning hacks that will help you tackle those loose hairs and stubborn smells. From effective methods to remove pet hair from your furniture to maintaining proper hygiene for your furry pals, we've got you covered. 

So, get ready to discover the secrets of a pristine home with the help of our premium house cleaning service. Let's create a clean and welcoming space where you and your pets can thrive together.

Why cleaning is more challenging as a pet owner

When you have either a dog or a kitten living at home, you know firsthand how annoying dealing with pet hair can be. Loose fur can be so thin that picking it up becomes challenging once it's on the furniture, carpet, and even stuck inside electronics.

Wherever your pet roams, you'll find stuck hair on surfaces, but did you know there's something else complicating your chores? Your furry friend sheds more than just hair on your furniture. Pet dander is an issue that goes beyond buildup; it's also a nuisance for your health.

What is pet dander?

Pet dander is dead skin cells shed mainly by cats and dogs. This residue becomes dust or even an airborne problem; once the specks fly in the air, they'll stay for a while.

If having this floating bother isn't enough, neglecting to do something about pet dander (combined with hair) affects you in more ways than one.

In many homes, the presence of pet dander triggers some nasty allergies, from irritated skin to breathing problems; this is especially dangerous for people with asthma. If you want to know more about how pet dander can affect your quality of life, check this link.

But moving on to cleaning, here's how to remove hair and dander from your furnishings.

How to remove cat hair

If you have a kitten, you know how easy it is to have hair everywhere (mainly because they can reach pretty much every spot at home.) 

On top of scooping the litter box, cleaning the hair can be the most annoying duty for a cat owner. However, most of the job is getting the tools to make this task easier:

  • Flat mops will help cling and remove cat hair on the floor. 
  • Dryer sheets will do the trick if you're looking for a cost-effective way to trap the hairs from furniture and other surfaces.
  • A squeegee is an odd but effective tool for removing cat hair. The rubber blade can scrape the hair off upholstery and carpets.

Another option is to invest in a humidifier—dry air can favor the buildup of static charge inside your home and turn your furniture into hair magnets.

How to remove dog hair

If you happen to be a dog owner, the amount of shed hair in your home can be overwhelming, but it's slightly less sticky than cat hair. 

When cleaning your carpets, a quick trick to pick up the hair is using a spray bottle. You'll effortlessly trap the hair with your broom by lightly dampening the surface.

Also, much like with cat hair, you can use flat mops and dryer sheets to attract hair. Another easy way to grab as much hair as you can from your couch is by using lightly damp rubber gloves. Spread your hands over the surface, and you'll be amazed by all the hair you'll remove.

How to keep pet odors at bay

The next challenge is to erase unpleasant smells from your house. You can remove and prevent nasty odors from ruining the mood at home. However, don't forget to deal with the source of the smell—you don't want to spend hundreds of dollars on repairing the damaged surfaces.

How to remove lingering pee smell

Pee's acidity can seep into different types of flooring, damaging the material in no time. In other words, you should always clean dog or cat pee right away!

However, if an old pee stain has a lingering smell, there's still hope. For this problem, white vinegar can lend a hand in trapping these odors and help dissolve any older residue you neglected to mop up.

To deal with the lingering pee smell, throw half white vinegar and half water inside a spray bottle. This DIY cleaner will help you with other surfaces, adding another effective agent to your cleaning supplies.

Note: Ensure vinegar is safe to use on your floors first.

How to remove pet odors from furniture and textiles

Baking soda is another potent ally for cleaning after your pets. To make the best use of this powder and trap smells, sprinkle baking soda on your carpets and let it sit for five minutes, then vacuum on the spot!

Tips for avoiding a messy home with pets

Even if things seem under control, a pet owner's house can turn into a mess in no time. Here are three quick pet-friendly tips to keep your home spotless.

Tip #1: Don't skip grooming

Keeping your cat or dog clean and tidy with regular grooming will make your home a better place for everyone. All that loose fur would otherwise end up on your couch or floor.

Tip #2: Place a blanket on their spot

If your furry friend has a special place in the living room or next to you in the bedroom, place a blanket to catch all the loose hairs and pet dander. It will be easier to throw just the blanket in the laundry.

Tip #3: Vacuum the floors at least every week

Vacuuming at least once a week is a must to keep your home clean. If your dog or cat sheds a lot of hair, you might need to add a quick vacuuming session to your daily cleaning routine.

Stay on top of your home cleaning!

One of the best ways to keep a tidy house is to make a routine and clean before the mess builds up. Don't worry if you can't find the time for recurring cleaning; you can trust these tasks to the professionals!

Rain City Maids is a team of well-trained home cleaners that will tackle your household chores until every nook and cranny is spotless. Besides, we use quality and safe products to ensure a healthy space for everyone—including your pets.

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