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By: Rain City Maids
Aug 01, 2022

Say goodbye to the unwelcome presence of cobwebs in your home. While they may not pose any real danger, these sticky nuisances certainly don't add to the aesthetics. 

Moreover, they tend to accumulate dust, making your space feel less inviting. If your house is starting to resemble a spooky Halloween scene with cobwebs adorning every corner, it's time to take action. Are you prepared to bid farewell to the haunted house vibe and restore the cleanliness and charm of your living space? Look no further, as we reveal effective methods to eliminate cobwebs and regain a fresh environment. 

Incorporating the expertise of experienced residential cleaners, we'll guide you through the process of banishing those pesky cobwebs. Get ready to transform your home into a haven of cleanliness and beauty. Let's dive in and reclaim your space from the clutches of cobwebs!

First of all, what are cobwebs?

So, spiders make cobwebs, right? The short answer is yes. However, If you (like most people) prefer to avoid spiders, you'll be glad to find out that cobwebs are usually abandoned. Spiders who fail to catch prey leave their former houses behind to try better luck in another place in your home or outside.

House spiders use sticky silk to catch prey. Once the spider abandons the cobweb, dirt begins to build up due to the stickiness of the thread. Cobwebs then get covered in dust, making them more noticeable and giving your house a dirty look.

So, in fewer words, what you are cleaning are dusty, abandoned spider webs!

How to clean all those sticky cobwebs

Although annoying to look at, cobwebs are relatively easy to clean. However, reaching them can be challenging if they are in a tricky location. Besides, recently constructed cobwebs are really sticky!

But don't worry; there are several ways to get rid of all those pesky cobwebs. Here are four examples.

Method #1. Broom or vacuum cleaner

You can easily remove cobwebs with a vacuum cleaner and a wand attachment. Simply direct the nozzle at the cobwebs and suck them up. Remember to empty your bag once you finish.

If you don't have a vacuum cleaner or a wand attachment at hand, you can use your always trusty broom. Sweep the area cramped with cobwebs, but be careful not to leave scratches on your walls and ceiling. Clean the bristles of your broom before storing it again.

Method #2. Double-sided tape and a paint roller

An effective DIY method to remove cobwebs in your home is to cover a paint roller sponge with any double-sided tape. Roll the tape around the paint roller sponge to make this DIY cobweb remover.

Once your tool is ready, roll it over the cobwebs, and you'll see how easily they adhere to the tape.

Warning: Be careful not to press your new tool too hard when removing cobwebs, as it can peel the paint off the walls.

Method #3. A microfiber cloth and a pole

Using a microfiber cloth will do the job just fine, as the fabric's blend of positive and negative charged fibers is made to attract dust, dirt, and grease. Microfiber essentially works like a magnet, but instead of attracting metals, it traps grime.

The best thing about this method is that it's quick and easy. Just grab a pole and wrap the microfiber cloth around one of its ends, securing it with rubber bands or clothespins. You've created a practical cleaning tool!

Now, use your newly-created DIY tool and wipe off all those pesky cobwebs. You can use this opportunity to clean the corners where the cobwebs are—two benefits in one!

Method #4. Duster for cobwebs

Cobweb dusters have unique rounded bristles and flexible heads, which makes them better to reach and clean corners than regular dusters. You may have to buy one, but the investment is worth it.

Reach for the corners where cobwebs are and sweep them off. The cobwebs will stick to the duster, and you'll be able to clean the dust and dirt accumulated on that spot too.

Note: Be sure to get a duster with a telescopic attachment, or you'll have to use a step stool or a chair to reach the ceiling. 

How to prevent cobwebs from coming back

Cobwebs aren't something you must blindly accept. Although removing them once and for all can be impossible, you can take some precautions to reduce the number of cobwebs in your house. Here are the best prevention tips.

Tip #1. Keep spiders at bay

You won't have to stop by the store to do this trick—you surely have at home everything you need to make a DIY repellent. 

For example, spiders can't stand scents such as peppermint, citrus, and vinegar. So, use them to prevent spiders from making their tiny houses inside your home. 

How to make a homemade repellent for spiders:

Use your blender to create a solution with water and citrus zests or water and peppermint leaves. Alternatively, you can mix vinegar and water. Then, fill a spray bottle with the mix and spray it on the corners of your house. As long as you do it regularly, the scent will keep spiders away.

Tip #2. Seal every crack and crevice

Even if you keep your house closed at all times, bugs and spiders can still enter through cracks near windows and doors. Once inside, they can start living in the crevices on the walls and foundations.

The best option to seal all those fissures is caulk, which is cheap and easy to apply. Fortunately, you won't have to resort to confusing tutorials to use it, just spread it over the slit and apply pressure to compact it. 

Tip #3. Keep clutter at bay

Clutter creates a lot of nooks and crannies, which spiders love. This situation will cause spiders to emigrate later to different parts of your house, leaving cobwebs throughout your home.

Consider getting rid of clutter to prevent your house from becoming too cozy for spiders.

Tip #4. Don't skip regular cleaning

Even if you take every precaution listed above, spiders will find a way inside your home now and then. So, the only way to prevent cobwebs from taking over your home is by doing a weekly dusting.

Clean the corners in your house even if they are apparently clean, as cobwebs can be difficult to spot when recently abandoned. 

Let Rain City Maids help you keep your house clean!

Even if you are too busy to commit to a cleaning routine, you are not bound to live in a dirty home. Let Rain City Maids take over your chores! We can dust, wipe, and mop, always striving for your satisfaction. Besides, you can choose the schedule that better suits you! 

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