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By: Rain City Maids
Oct 16, 2017

Have you ever offered to give someone known to you a ride home, only to realize two seconds later that the inside of your car is filthy?   Well, it’s too late to withdraw the offer now; you have to face the embarrassment of moving trash around to make space on the passenger’s seat for your friend. In a scenario like this, you can’t help but wonder what the other person is thinking of the entire drive home!

After an experience like that, though, you should be thinking about giving your car interiors a much-needed cleaning! Lucky for you, we’ve got a simple and efficient way to do it. Read on!

Empty the Car Out

By this we mean taking out the loose change on the dashboard, your personal belongings from the back and trash from everywhere! You may have some stuffed animals in the backseat which also need to be removed so that nothing hinders the cleaning process once it gets going.

Vacuum and Freshen up Seats

A handheld vacuum cleaner is suitable and convenient for this; however, if you don’t have one, use an attachment head for your vacuum cleaner that is suitable for the material of the seats. You can also use a clean dust cloth for this if there isn’t a nearby socket to plug in your vacuum cleaner. The objective here is to remove dust and dirt efficiently. Be sure to tilt your front seats back and clean the space between the backrest and the bottom of the seat. Next, make a mild solution of detergent and water in a basin and dip a clean microfiber cloth in it; wring it out and wipe the seats gently to remove dullness and stains.

Vacuum and Spot Clean the Floor

Take out the floor mats and wash them separately using regular dish soap and a scrubber. If you can’t use a vacuum cleaner for this, use a handheld cleaning brush and a dustpan to remove dirt and debris. You’ll probably find a couple of stains on the carpet which can be removed using laundry detergent, water, and a medium-bristled scrub brush.

Cleaning Miscellaneous Components

Under this category, you’ll be cleaning the dashboard, glove compartment, doors, steering wheel, etc. The good news is that you only need an all-purpose cleaner and two microfiber cloths to do this! Simply wipe these surfaces to remove dirt and dust first; then dampen a fresh cloth with the cleanser to remove stains or hardened dirt.

Clean the Windows and Windshield

Avoid using window cleaner for this as it can cause the glass to become murky and streaky. Instead, purchase a specially formulated eco-friendly cleaner for car windows and the windshield. Simply spritz the surface and use a clean microfiber cloth to wipe away stains or marks.

While some of you may opt to get the job done at a car wash service, you could save some money by completing each of these steps to get your car interiors clean and passenger-friendly again!  

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