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By: Rain City Maids
Aug 28, 2017

In a world filled with endless distractions, it's important to find activities that captivate and engage our kids. As parents, we cherish the moments spent with them, knowing that these precious interactions shape their attention spans and cultivate their understanding of the world. What's more, these shared experiences teach them the value of family bonds and create treasured memories that last a lifetime. If you're looking for exciting and meaningful ways to connect with your children at home, we've got you covered. 

Our carefully curated list of home activities promises endless fun and boundless wonder for kids of all ages. These tried-and-true favorites have brought joy to countless families, and now it's your turn to embark on this incredible journey together. So, roll up your sleeves and dive into the magic of these engaging home activities. 

As experienced cleaners, we understand the importance of a clean and nurturing environment for children to thrive. With these activities, you'll not only create unforgettable moments but also foster a sense of togetherness that will leave a lasting impact on your kids' lives. Get ready for an adventure like no other, where laughter, learning, and love fill every corner of your home.

1Eat Together As A Family

Believe it or not, eating meals together as a family has significant positive impacts on child development. The simple act of eating with your kids does a whole lot. Eating meals together as a family also provides the chance for conversation. Moreover, it also lets parents teach healthy communication without distractions from smartphones, television, computers, and mobile devices. Furthermore, having family meals, dinners, in particular, have been associated with:

  • Acquiring greater sense of resilience
  • Attaining higher self-esteem
  • Decreases chance of teen pregnancy
  • Diminishes risk of depression
  • Lessens the risk of substance abuse
  • Lowers the likelihood of developing eating disorders
  • Reduces rates of obesity

Additionally, eating meals as a family allows family members to discuss their day and share exciting news, issues, and concerns.


Play Games Together

If you bring video games into your home, you should do your best to screen them.  Better yet, learn how to play them. Why do you ask? Well, first, your kids will "kick your butt," to use their phrasing. Though, it is a good thing for children to see their parents as human and vincible occasionally. Secondly, it would guarantee a hilarious response at your lack of dexterity. Finally, some video games have somewhat redeeming virtual reality, because they mimic real-world activities such as baseball, bowling,  dancing, skiing, and table tennis. Which, is undoubtedly much better than games where you blow each other up. But set time limits, lest their virtual realities take over their reality.


Do The Laundry with Flair

Turn one of the most mundane home activities into a fun and enjoyable time with the kids. Make the most of your time with the kids while you do and teach your children how to do laundry properly. Go about doing the laundry while playing to be robots or characters from a favorite movie. Alternatively, have a laundry room singing contest where each child takes turns singing one song (loudly!) from while folding laundered clothes.  So, no matter how many the piles of clothing you are going to wash, it would not matter if you and your child are having fun.


Repair Stuff Together

Never fix a change a tire, leaky faucet, paint the fence, or replace the furnace filter without the company of your kids. These home activities like making some improvements around the home is a magnificent way to spend some quality time with your children. Not only does it allow you create precious memories together, but it also teaches them about essential tools and critical life skills vital to their future at the same time.

The attic, the basement, and the home's crawl space are all classrooms for learning. It is where your children learn how things work and how to fix things safely. Give them a flashlight, and talk them through the job you are doing. Explain what they need to accomplish and, once it is over, applaud them for a job well done. As your kids mature, you then hold the flashlight for them. Instead of dreading things that break, you will see built-in shelves, new cupboards, and paint jobs as bonus opportunities for time with your kids.


Create New Traditions

You do not have to wait for the holidays or vacations to connect with your children. Creating your very own Family Traditions is something special that allows the family to bond and create memories that last forever For example:

  • Weekly Sunday breakfast together. 
  • Spend Friday game night with them.
  • Do weekend shopping or gardening.

These simple, yet fun activities can bring the family together. Dining out on the same night each week is a good start.

Scheduling other conflicting activities during these moments is a big no-no because it is the family's quality time. Whatever tradition you choose to create, make sure everyone in the household, including you the parents, honors the fixed period of time. Everyone should show up and unplug. No texting, no social media, and no TV (unless it is Family Netflix Time..)  are allowed.

Spending intentional, uninterrupted, quality time with your child has infinite priceless rewards. No matter how many the toys that they may have, or activities they do with their friends,  it will never compare to the time spent simply being with you.

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