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By: Rain City Maids
Oct 25, 2017

Unless you live an entirely zero-waste lifestyle, there is perpetually room for improvement, especially when it affects our future and our planet.

Of the "three R's" of "Recycling Circle" (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle), 'reducing waste' is probably the most important, yet most overlooked part. Everything that we discard or throw away, first of all, had to be first made. It is significant because making practically anything, particularly here in the west,  means the creation of significant waste. So, by reducing waste, we can significantly reduce our environmental footprint.

While the abstract idea of reducing one’s waste can be daunting and overwhelming, we can accomplish it. A great place to begin is in the comfort of your own home.

Small changes, such as using cloth eco-bags instead of plastic ones, can make a big difference in your waste output. We compiled a few fun, simple things you and your family can do to minimize trash within your home.

Be Familiar with the Rules of Recycling

Do not be scared by the seemingly-complicated symbols and sorting rules. Believe it or not, navigating your way through the recycling system is quite simple. Moreover, once you do a bit of research, you will find out how easy it really is. Since recycling rules differ from location to location, check out the specifics for your area.

Stop Using Disposable Utensils

Even if doing the dishes is the bane of your existence, you should at least consider it than the alternative. The waste produced by using disposable paper plates and plastic utensils is massive. Help reducing waste by avoiding to use paper and plastic and get those hands washing dishes.

Stop buying Plastic Water Bottles

Water bottles and disposable paper coffee cups creates massive material wastes. Purchase a durable water container and a cute coffee thermos so you can take your beverages wherever you please. Alternatively, you can invest in getting a reliable water filter, so you can use tap water and save a lot more. You will find yourself feeling a lot more hydrated and a lot less wasteful

Start using Eco-friendly Reusable Cloth Bags

According to, reducing waste in your home is not hard. One of the easiest methods to dramatically achieve it is to use eco-friendly reusable bags while shopping. Rather than depending on your local supermarket’s plastic bags, bring your own reusable cloth bag. Use it pack up your items and tote them back to your home. Storing a couple of extra cloth bags in your car's trunk compartment or right by the door is an excellent way to ensure you do not forget them at home.

Begin a Compost

A huge portion of what we discard daily can be composted and returned to the earth. If you have a large enough container and some extra space, you can quickly start a compost that could feed back into your home garden. By starting a compost, you are reducing waste in your home naturally and efficiently. Not only that your excess food does not go to waste, but your garden will also be full of nutrients as well. You can also feel better with the knowledge that you contributed on the wellness of the planet.  #Compost4DaWin.

Want to know more about starting a compost? Click here.

Create a Family Meal Plan

Food waste is another huge issue in many American households. However, we can entirely prevent it if we strictly follow two simple rules:

  1. Buy only the groceries that you know for sure you will consume.
  2. Cook food that you and your family are sure you will eat.  

It sounds like a no-brainer, but you would be both astonished and dismayed at how much food we regularly throw into the garbage every day.

Start Relying on Reusable - Recyclable Containers

Start storing food using reusable - recyclable containers. Quality airtight containers are ideal for foodstuffs like baking ingredients, cereals, grains and other goods that can stale quickly. Moreover, if you purchase loose food items from the farmer’s markets or bulk bins at shops like Costco or Whole Foods, these containers are particularly vital to have in your kitchen.

Cancel Unnecessary Mail

Is your mailbox is filled daily with catalogs and junk mail that eventually end in the trash? Then, you will be reducing waste efficiently by taking a few minutes canceling your subscriptions and stop unsolicited junk mail. It can be as easy as visiting their website or calling their office to request removal from a mailing list. It is a bit of a bother, I agree, however, the amount of paper waste you produce will drop significantly. Not to mention, your coffee table will be less cluttered from now on.

For your convenience, Click here or here to request to cancel your unwanted subscriptions.

Is there something on the list above that you could add to what you are already doing? Also, do you have anything to add? By all means, comment and share it below in the comments section.
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