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By: Rain City Maids
Jan 18, 2018

It’s not impossible to be productive in a cluttered kitchen, but that doesn’t make it easy either. Regardless of the size of your kitchen, it’s imperative that you have an organized space because an organized area where you prepare and cook your food is vital to make your kitchen functional.

One of the things that make it hard, though, is the kitchen appliances. One of the reason is that they take up a lot of space, have additional parts, or even electrical cords so if you don’t have a proper area to store them, they will always be in the way.

So here’s an easy guide you can follow to organize, save time, and prevent headaches.

Declutter, declutter, declutter!

If you’ve already at least attempted to organize your kitchen or any part of your house, you should know by now that you’ll have to declutter first. Why? Because it’s a way for you to analyze your items and your space.

Once you're done clearing the areas where you put your appliances, get to organizing. To start, separate the things you always need from those you rarely use. It’s also good to know which items are broken so you can throw them out and use that space for the stuff you’ll keep.

Moreover, you should also consider donating the kitchen appliances you don’t use or need. Give those single-use appliances to people who will use them more. It’s also essential that you’re honest with yourself because if you’re thinking, “I might use this someday” then we’re 90% sure you won’t.

We doubt you’re going to use that yogurt maker anytime soon! Get rid of it!

Start placing your frequently used appliances.

Once you’ve got rid of the stuff you don’t need, organizing will be a breeze, especially if you have a small kitchen. Keep in mind that you should organize your kitchen depending on how you use it.

Simply put, you should have easy access to those appliances you always use; you can keep your day-to-day appliances like your toaster and coffee maker on the countertop.

In organizing your upper kitchen cabinets, place the items you mostly use in front of those you rarely do. It will make it easier for you to get them, and put them back after use. For lower cabinets, we know that in the back, most appliances and kitchenware can be quite inaccessible, so you might want to consider installing pull-out racks.

Have more free space by moving other often used cooking utensils to more strategic places. For example, if your pots and pans take up the most space in your cabinets, try installing a hanging rack. Dangling pots and pans can be more accessible than having them on cabinets or shelves.

Now, for the appliances you rarely use.

The appliances you rarely use will only get in your way if you don’t organize them properly. Your high cabinet shelves can be an ideal place where you can store them. You should also consider having a step-stool which will come in handy whenever you need to grab something behind the top shelves.

Also you should keep the owner’s manuals together in a different room. File them in an organizer in your workroom or bookshelf, so when the time comes where you’ll need them, you’ll know where to look.

While you’re busy organizing your kitchen, you can hire a professional house cleaner to take care of the rest of your house. That’ll maximize the cleaning and organizing of your home, don’t you think? We are happy to help!

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