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By: Rain City Maids
Jul 06, 2020

Cleaning gym equipment is going to be more critical than ever. As the state of Washington is preparing to re-open businesses by phases after the COVID-19 lockdown, many restrictions and strict measures are going to apply in different places, especially in facilities like a fitness center. Moisture, bad odors, and fingerprints on the glass are a no-go, and you also have to set frequent disinfecting sessions on your most touched tools and areas.

Keep reading to discover the essential cleaning checklist for gyms to have a safe and successful re-opening.

Machines and equipment

Disinfect not only the cardio machines but every tool, item, and equipment for gym members. Inevitably, drops of sweat fall over these items, but your patrons won’t feel comfortable using sweaty and dirty equipment, especially while a pandemic is occurring. Define fast and frequent disinfecting sessions, so your patrons are less exposed to bacteria and viruses.

Bathrooms and change rooms

If your gym doesn’t have restricted bathrooms and change rooms, make an effort to clean and disinfect these areas altogether. People are informed that these spots are often filled with germs and possible diseases, so don’t give them a reason to leave your facility and cancel their subscription. Build a disinfecting protocol, focusing on the most touched areas, and using effective disinfectants.


One of the dirtiest places a fitness center can have. Certainly, lockers are touched by dozens of people every day, accumulating bacteria and fungus from the bathroom or machines. Cut the chain and disinfect your lockers to provide extra safety to your gym members. 

Reception desk

Perhaps your regular patrons don’t pay much attention to the reception, but new prospects (in fact, everyone once you re-open your gym after the lockdown) will notice the neatness or dirtiness of that area. Use an effective disinfectant for all the most-touched surfaces and put special attention to the fingertips prints on glass. This first impression is essential to make your clients feel safe visiting your facility.


Nobody is going to touch the floors with bare skin right now, we know, but the equipment sometimes is moved from one place to another, and that can cause the pathogens to stick to other surfaces. Also, spotless floors create an excellent impression, and you will give your patrons the peace of mind they need after the lockdown.

Antibacterial dispatchers

Now more than ever, alcohol-based sanitizers are crucial to avoid infections and sickness in your fitness center. Put some dispatchers in all corners of the facility, including lockers, bathrooms, and workout areas. Your patrons will thank you for it. For better results, communicate your clients with the new health guidelines.


Maintain the bacteria and viruses at bay with a sound ventilation system. Stagnant air in a place like a gym can make the environment moisty and prone to harbor lots of bacteria, fungus, and viruses. Also, there are a few things that can scare your clients away as smelly workout areas and change rooms. So, check your HVAC system and make sure it works properly throughout the day.

Now that you know how to clean gym equipment properly and the different areas you focus on, we hope your gym has a successful re-opening. If you want a professional cleaning service, Rain City Maids can help you. Book your service on our website.

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