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By: Rain City Maids
Aug 17, 2018

Finding dust in your home is never a joy, and you probably feel like no matter how much dusting and cleaning you do, it keeps coming back. It’s an unending cycle of dusting and cleaning.

The majority of dust at home is composed of several particles. It includes pollen, fibers from furniture, clothes or other textiles, as well as dead skin cells. When it accumulates, it can be a nuisance and cause you to sneeze and wheeze all over the place. You also have to worry about dust mites and other dangers that might come with not cleaning properly.

Although it’s impossible to clear your home of dust entirely, here are a few helpful tips on how to eliminate dust in the house.

Change your bedding weekly.

Dust bunnies multiply quickly if you rarely wash your bedding. By changing your bedding once a week, the amount of dead skin and fabric fibers will decrease within your sheets, which will reduce the number of dust in your house overall. To get more dust out of your bed, remove the dust particles off your pillows and vacuum your mattress or take them to the dry cleaners.

Keep your closets organized.

Closets are known to be the Holy Grail of dust because they are home to fabric fibers from towels, clothing, and other stuff that you stored away in them. Every time you open the door, you’ll whip up a raging invisible dust storm. Of course, you can’t prevent your clothes from shedding fibers, but you can keep your closets clean to cut down dust.

Give your cushions and rugs a beating.

Carpets are a major dust reservoir since, like a giant sponge, it absorbs fibers and sends it to the air each time you take a step. That’s why it’s essential to take anything squishy and soft outside and beat it with a broom or bat to properly remove the dust as much as possible. This will guarantee you’re getting rid of dust bunnies in your house, and prevent more flying into the air.

Use air purifiers.

If you suffer asthma or severe allergies, having an air purifier can bring you a lot of perks but that doesn’t mean you can entirely ditch the duster! Air purifiers filter dust particles but leave dust mites unattended, since they’re not airborne. Take note that, for these dust removal system for homes to be effective, you need to place one in each room.

Use the proper cleaning supplies.

Every time that you clean, it’s essential to know that you’re using the best and most appropriate cleaning supplies for the job. Remember that the key is to capture the dust, not let it spread around your home–which is what dry rags and feather dusters do. The best materials to use include wax sprays and oil on pieces of cloth or dampening them with a bit of water.

Hire a professional cleaning service.

And the best way to get rid of dust build-up in your home is by keeping your entire house clean, of course! Book a recurring clean, and have a professional cleaning service take care of everything for you.

Just follow these tips accordingly, and get ready to say goodbye to allergies and dust bunnies!

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