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By: Rain City Maids
Jan 24, 2017

Cleaning up in your kitchen means cleaning the counters, sink, stove, the exterior of appliances and sweeping and mopping the floor. But there’s one thing that is often overlooked, yet just might be the dirtiest part of your kitchen – the stove grates. Do you notice how much burnt on food gunk is clinging to your burners? In fact, most of what you see is burnt food residue and not your actual grates!

Dirty burner grates are unhygienic, unsightly and can even cause a fire. Apart from this, leaving them dirty can be damaging to your cast iron grates. Hence, if you’ve been putting off cleaning your stove grates for a too long, it’s time you gave them a deep cleansing. We’re going to give you a step-by-step guide to do just that! Read on.

Step-by-Step Deep Clean Guide for Your Stoves

Step One

Plug your kitchen sink, place the grates in and pour boiling water over them to submerging the grates. Allow them to sit for a good 20 minutes before unplugging the sink to drain out the water (be careful not to burn your fingers as the water and grates may be hot).

Step Two

After your burner grates have cooled down completely (do not apply cold water to hot grates as they may crack), rinse out the sink and refill it with lukewarm water. This time, add a cup of an ammonia-based liquid cleaner to the water and place your grates inside. Put on a pair of rubber gloves. Any cleaner with ammonia in it can be harsh on the skin if prolonged contact is made.

Step Three

Without wasting any time, take out one grate at a time and clean by scrubbing away the loosened grime with a slightly abrasive scrubber. If you have any trouble removing some of the hardened food spills, allow the grates to soak in the sink for 5-10 minutes. The ammonia acts on its own to clean off stains from cast iron grates.

Step Four

Drain out the sink and rinse your stove grates under running water. By now, they should be free of burnt on gunk and food spills. After rinsing them thoroughly wipe them or leave to air dry.

Step Five

To finish off, use vinegar in a spray can to spritz the grates and then wipe them down with a clean kitchen cloth. This will get your burner grates to look cleaner and shine more!

To deep clean grates, vinegar makes a great daily cleanser. It gets rid of grease before it can really stick and cling on. Here’s how to do it; after you’re done the cooking and the grates have cooled down, spray a generous amount of vinegar. Let it set for 15 minutes. Wipe it off with a damp scrubber and your burner grates will look clean and shiny again!

It also helps to set a schedule for a general cleaning. A feat like this could use the skills of a house cleaning professional who can clean your kitchen, as well as other parts of your home.

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