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By: Rain City Maids
Oct 30, 2017

When it comes to planning and preparing your Halloween theme, do not settle for just a few Jack-O-Lanterns on your patio and a bowl of candy! You should try to aim for a crafty, fun look that would not hit your wallet hard.

Here are some fun, spooky, and creative Decor Theme Ideas For Your Halloween Bash. These homemade Decor Theme Ideas make it easy to trick out your house for Halloween inexpensively — but without looking cheap.

Spooky Halloween Terrarium

This simple and easy to make terrarium makes use of those everyday items you have lying around your home. Spare Mason Jars in your kitchen cupboard. Those rubber spider and creepy crawler decorations you can buy from the dollar store. Some small rocks, twigs and fallen leaves from the yard. It’s one of those decor theme ideas that is an ideal centerpiece or party prize because it is a  decoration that will keep people talking!

Milk Jug Ghostly Lanterns

One of the simplest decor theme ideas to make,  it simple, economical, cheap and cheerful. Best of all, you and your kids can team up to create them. Make it using empty and clean glass gallon milk jugs. Just draw some spooky faces on them, then put a candle or a battery-operated white holiday light. Put them on your porch or walkway. For best results, line up four or more of them with different faces with a pale, ghostly Halloween glow.

Underground Zombie Pit

Are you a Zombie fan? Well then, this one for you! It is plausibly one of the most challenging decor theme ideas on this list, but the payoff is incredible. Smear fake blood onto it to make it more gruesome. Want to take it to the next level, you can put a speaker and a music player in the pit that plays zombie grunts on a loop!  As a cautionary note, though, please keep in mind that some children could find that very scary on halloween so you may want to skip the music when they are trick or treating!

Dead Body in a Body Bag

Scare your neighbors with this ingeniously spooky Halloween decor. It is one of the most cost-efficient decor ideas on the list, as it uses waste paper, plastic bottles, and black trash bags. It is simple to make and has many display vantage points. You can hang a couple in your backyard or front porch smeared with fake blood for an eerie aesthetic. Alternatively, you can display a few in your home to get a serial killer vibe.

Alien Eggs

Surprise your family and guests with alien eggs in your living room or backyard. These little decor theme ideas are simple to create but can challenge you to be more creative to make it more fun to look at and to display. If you are a fan of the Alien Franchise, you can even place a Facehugger replica in it for a more sinisterly fun look.

Scary Glowing Eyes

Scare your guests with this quick and candid decor theme idea.
Using a few pieces of derder - that cardboard tube found in tissue paper rolls (yes, we have a word for it...) and a few glow sticks, you can create menacing glowing eyes that you can place in strategic places of your home or yard. Hang them on your porch, place on your dark walkway, or put it in the dark corners of your house. You are sure to get a few startled gasps and shrieks.

Pickled Head in a Jar

Creeping out your friends is fun with this Pickled Head in a Jar prop. One of the quickest decor theme ideas to make all you need is to print the sample template and place it in an empty jar filled with tinted water. Or a more personalized touch, you can photoshop your own visage and make it the surprise that scares your victims. Place it in a dark room or inside your refrigerator to give it an extra creepy kick.

Tombstone Garden

What List of Decor Theme Ideas for Halloween does not include the classic cardboard tombstones? However, instead of just plainly lining up cardboard tombstones on your yard or porch, why not add an arm coming out of the ground. Alternatively, add some of those scary glowing eyes next to them to give it a far more creepy vibe. You can also splash some fake blood to make it more, more terrifying.

Once you have your fill of the Halloween spirit, and you are ready to splash your abode with some other holiday decor theme, feel free to contact us for your after celebration cleaning from Rain City Maids. We will make sure your home is clean, neat, and ready for the next holiday makeover.

Do you have anything to add to our list? Feel free to add and share them in the comment section below.

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