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By: Rain City Maids
Jul 17, 2023

From small rashes to trouble breathing, allergies are something to be wary of—even more during spring and summer. It becomes more problematic when you're still showing symptoms inside your home.

Luckily for you, there's something you can do to tackle indoor allergies: deep cleaning your home. If you're wondering what's the importance of deep cleaning for allergy sufferers or how to carry it out effectively, keep reading to find the answer!

What are the main causes of allergies in your home?

Allergens come from different sources, and you might not know many of them are triggering your nastiest allergies.

Although you can safely say that dust is the main culprit of allergies, dust itself is composed of many particles—allergens among them, of course. Being cautious and identifying which ones cause your symptoms will help you approach cleaning more effectively.

  • Pet dander. Pet hair, especially on fluffy animals, can gather lots of tiny particles.
  • Chemicals. Household chemicals and hair sprays or perfumes may also trigger your allergies due to how harsh these products can be. Also, particles from these items linger in the air even after usage.
  • Bugs. Bug droppings, shedding, and mosquito bites are common allergy triggers. Just like pet hair, bugs can also carry germs and allergens into your home.
  • Mold. Mold is a very common and well-known cause of allergies—it is calculated that one in every ten people is allergic to mold in the USA. Be careful if you are allergic to mold, as its spores can cause serious damage.
  • Pollen. When pollen particles enter into contact with your eyes or nose's mucose, it can trigger many allergic reactions (including hay fever). Both outdoor and indoor flowering plants can cause allergic reactions.

How to free your home from allergens with a deep cleaning

Constantly cleaning your home is essential to keep a healthy environment for you and your loved ones. However, light cleaning can only do so much when it comes to allergies. So, if you want to lower allergens as much as you can, you need to clean your home more in-depth.

A deeper cleaning might be an obvious choice over a regular one to prevent your allergies, but what else makes it better? Here you can learn about their benefits regarding allergies!

Benefit #1. Tackles neglected spots

It's not that you do a sloppy cleaning job, but you may only give a quick sweep to different rooms when doing chores. Although it may be enough to make your home look clean, allergens can be stuck in places you don't clean so commonly.

When you deep clean your home, handle over those long-forgotten places and get rid of dirt and grime that can trigger your allergies.

Benefit #2. Reduces clutter

Dust—and the allergens it carries—can settle on all types of nooks and crannies around your home. Clutter only increases the chances of that happening.

A deep clean means you'll be tidying up your home to look as neat and organized as possible, resulting in a clutter-free space where allergens can't settle as easily as before. 

Benefit #3. Improves air quality

When you don't thoroughly tackle the dust in your home (as in a basic cleaning), allergens continually float around and resettle on various surfaces throughout the place.

Properly deep cleaning your home—going from top to bottom, from the dustiest areas to the cleaner ones, and looking for as many crevices as you can—means particles in the air will be much fewer, letting you breathe better.

How to make the most out of your deep cleaning session

If you are ready to tackle your cleaning tasks in depth and get rid of those nasty allergens, you can do a few things to get even better results and stop struggling! Take a look:

Tip #1. Make a list of often-neglected spots

Deep cleaning is all about thoroughly tackling those often overlooked spots in your home. Although you may have thought of a few areas that need cleaning, you could happen to forget some others.

Ensure a thorough cleaning by making a list of places that may need some extra care. Some places you can't miss are the bathroom grout, air vents, window frames, the spot where your pet sleeps (if indoors), under your bathroom and kitchen sink, and cabinets and drawers.

Tip #2. Use a mask and gloves when cleaning

If you have a stuffy or runny nose, dealing with all the dust in your home can worsen it. Make your cleaning session smoother by wearing a mask and gloves to avoid being constantly exposed to dirt and dust that can trigger your allergies.

Tip #3. Vacuum instead of sweeping

Vacuuming your home ensures dust won't fill the air when you are tackling all the tasks. This way, you won't have to struggle with a runny nose or other allergic reactions during the process. Besides, the extra power of a vacuum cleaner guarantees you get the deep cleaning you're looking for.

Tip #4. Keep pets outside as much as you can

Deep cleaning your home while having pets inside is nearly impossible. You'll be too busy tackling your chores to prevent your furry pal from shedding where you've already cleaned.

Avoid problems by leaving your pet outside when carrying out a deep cleaning or in a separate room during chores. Additionally, consider reducing the time your pet spends inside your home (or your bedroom, at least) to lower the chances of allergens reaching your nose.

Tip #5. Disinfect every surface

Usually, allergens are carried out by dust throughout the air. However, certain types of bacteria are related to allergy symptoms too. So, to make your home as allergen-proof as you can, spray all surfaces across your home with isopropyl alcohol—70% concentration for better results.

Tip #6. Block or seal open cracks in your home

Bugs can enter your home from the tiniest gaps or cracks in your home. When you're deep cleaning, take advantage of the thorough process to look for these crevices where critters can enter or settle.

Granted, you might have to buy a sealer, but the benefits you'll get are invaluable. Not only will your home be free of cockroaches, spiders, and other nasty bugs, but you'll also reduce the chances of suffering allergies down the road!

Don't have time for a deep clean? We'll do it for you!

Deep cleaning is a smart choice to keep your environment as healthy as possible, but it takes a lot of time. Luckily, at Rain City Maids, we offer deep cleaning services that will leave your home clean as a whistle!

Our expert maids will thoroughly take over your chores, getting in those tricky corners while not missing a single spot. Book now and enjoy a cleaner and healthier home!

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