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By: Rain City Maids
Oct 11, 2018

One of the things you can do make your wall look fantastic is decorating it in creative ways.

This is the time when you can passionately and craftily imagine what kind of stuff to fill in your big empty wall with. However, when you identify what you are going to put on your wall, then a wall décor hurdle is just a piece of cake.

Here are the five best homemade wall decoration ideas!

Create your gallery wall

A gallery will suit you if you are the kind of person who likes photography or painting. With different sizes and colors, you can have your wall combined with your photos and paintings. Unframed or framed artwork can fill your wall and also some textiles or wall decals. Make sure that your colors and shapes are in sync. You can also go creative and sophisticated by considering a neutral palette.

Make a statement with art on your wall

If you prefer something eye-catching yet straightforward, you can put up statement art on your wall. Aside from the usual pictures and paintings, you can use art as a statement in your house. Something that speaks to you and tells everybody who comes into your house who you are, and will catch the attention of your guests right on the spot.

It's nice to wake up in the morning with a bit of exciting piece of art on your wall. Photography is such a great option for statement art. Or put up an abstract piece to entice visitors to look at it. By hanging one or two statement arts on your wall, you can make your mornings worthwhile.

Put up wallpapers

If you don't like hanging picture or paintings on your wall, you might consider putting up wallpapers. Don't worry! Wallpapers are easy to place on your walls. You have to make certain that there will be no bumps on the surface. When it comes to wallpapers, there are a lot of styles. And it will always depend on what form of wallpaper you want to use.

Install a bookshelf

Instead of putting or having decorations on your wall, you can opt for installing a bookshelf. You're not just saving space, but you’re also adding a nice visual component to a barren wall.  You have to make sure that the shelves are installed properly for a safe and durable base.

Add texture on your walls

Textured walls can make borings spaces look more attractive than plain ones. It dramatically increases the visual appeal of a room. You can easily install it and give a cleaner look. Smooth walls need to be maintained well so that they don’t look unclean. However, textured walls make any marks or unwanted spots less visible. In addition to beautifying a wall, textured walls are also an excellent way to hide any holes or flaws in a wall.

Whether you want pictures or DIY wall painting ideas on your walls as decorations, it will always depend on your preference. Before you decide what you want to do or have on your wall, you have to consider whether your wall and the decorations are incorporated or not.

If not, then find ways on how you can mix and match your decals to your walls without jeopardizing its quality. You can also hire a professional house cleaning service to keep your home and walls sparkly and clean.

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