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By: Rain City Maids
Mar 10, 2020

Do you practically live out of your car? Has it become your second home after hours in traffic? Your office? Your dining room? Are the habits you’ve developed only made things messier? In today’s fast-paced society, we duel-purpose our time and often our environments. It’s common today to take a call while driving, conduct business, make appointments, or eat while on your way to work to cut time. In the process, we neglect the toll our multitasking does to our cars. To prevent clutter overload and long-term damage, here are some general car maintenance tips to not only control the mess in our car but in life as well: 


To keep this main area under control, you will need a place to contain garbage, clothes to catch spills, air fresheners, and organizational devices for loose papers. Don’t forget routine maintenance with your mechanic. 


How you manage your car on the outside is as equally important as how you care for your car on the outside. Every one, three, and six months check in with your mechanic for routine maintenance. Also, keep the headlights clean at all times. If you have a back-up camera, don’t forget to check it regularly and keep it clean.  

  • Clean dirty headlights with toothpaste
  • Use cooking spray to remove bugs from the bumper. 
  • Apply rubbing alcohol to wiper blades to clean and prevent streaks. 
  • Every month check your tires for cracks, wear, pressure, and foreign objects. 
  • Every three months check your lights for outages and dimming. 
  • Every six months replace your wiper blades. 
  • Lube door seals with WD40, as needed. 


If you’re not passionate about cars it’s easy to neglect the engine of your car and stick to oil changes only. However, how you take care of your car engine is the difference between a car that will last you five years versus a car that will last you ten years. Take the extra time needed to treat your car well. Do your monthly, tri-monthly, and bi-yearly checkups. 

  • Every month check your car hoses. 
  • Every month check your car belts. 
  • Every month check and top off the coolant. 
  • Check the air filter every month and replace it, as needed. 
  • Change your car oil every 3000-5000 miles. 
  • Every three months refill windshield fluid. 
  • Check your power steering fluid and transmission fluid every three months. 
  • Check the battery terminal and cables for corrosion every three months. 
  • Have your exhaust examined every six months. 
  • Have your shocks examined every six months. 

The habits you develop reflect the inner life you live on a daily basis. If you find your car, your home, or your family life is in turmoil then it might be time to reevaluate what is going on internally. Take a moment to slow down. Let Rain City Maids show you how to take this opportunity to form good habits that will free you from the stress and turmoil of your daily routine. With one step in the right direction, you open a gateway for greater opportunities and a balanced life.

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