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By: Rain City Maids
Mar 18, 2019

In the Airbnb business, cleanliness is the absolute first thing your guests are going to notice when they walk in, and that will translate directly to how comfortable they feel and their overall satisfaction at the end of their stay. Needless to say, you should never skimp (or skip) on your cleaning duties, especially if you want to foster return visits and new guests by getting those coveted 5-star ratings that can make or break your business.

Whether you hire a professional cleaning crew or choose to go over the whole shebang yourself, you should make time to write down all the important points that you definitely can’t miss each time you’re about to receive guests. If you don’t or you miss a critical spot, you’ll never hear the end of it, so take note!

Create a cleaning-friendly environment

Cleaning an Airbnb demands a more constant and thorough process than a regular house due to the constant turnover of people, so you’ll want to pick easy-to-move furniture and avoid decorating with small or fragile objects since dusting around them can be a pain after a while. The latter also applies in case you’ll be welcoming guests with children since they’ll want to tinker with them.

You should also consider investing in plastic table covers and waterproof mattress covers to protect your furniture. For the sake of hygiene, replace your towels and sheets with new ones every six months or so, depending on the traffic the room sees.

Make a “can’t miss” cleaning checklist

Every Airbnb will have unique cleaning needs based on the kind of travelers that rent it, the area where it’s located, and other such factors, but making sure that you’re covering all the basics every time you clean it up will ensure a more seamless experience for you and your guests. You can divide it by room and then by area (floors, elevated surfaces, windows, ceilings, for example).

If you’re outsourcing this chores to an AirBnB cleaning service or maid company, make sure to give them this list so they know which areas are a priority, and what special cares should be taken around certain things. You can even leave some very basic tasks for your guests to do before checking out, such as putting furniture back in the original position or putting empty containers in the trash. If you have small appliances, be sure to let them know to unplug them before they leave. Of course, for every guest that does so, send them a ‘thank you’ email.

Go green on everything you can

It’s preferable to use eco-friendly cleaning products and materials nowadays, mostly because how committed some people are to the cause, but also because some guests are bound to have adverse reactions to harsh chemicals that are commonly used in the cleaning industry. Do your part caring for the planet and your guest’s health by choosing hypoallergenic, green cleaning products.

How to clean during a visit

Ideally, all your cleaning duties will be tackled before and after your guests arrive, but sometimes crisis will happen and you’ll have to act fast if you want to keep your final score as high as possible. If you missed something on your cleaning checklist and your guests complain about it while still in the Airbnb, quickly correct the problem as soon as you can, and maybe go the extra mile and offer something extra to make up for the mistake.

Some people might be unfamiliar with how recycling programs work in your city, particularly international travelers, so provide them with the appropriate containers and make an easy-to-read list of which items go where.

More importantly, if your guests leave a negative review citing an issue with the cleanliness during their stay, don’t react aggressively. Instead, apologize and assure them that said issue was an oversight and will not happen in the future.

Make the best out of the slow season

Deep clean twice a year during the busy seasons, and make sure that any major renovation projects both inside and out are finished and the property is in working conditions by the time you start welcoming guests back. It can be pretty embarrassing to show them into a ‘work in progress’ after they’ve paid their fee. Complete any maintenance work and give the place a tune-up to keep it in working order.

This is not an AirBnB hosting guide so much as a cleaning guide, but being a diligent cleaner is a critical aspect of maintaining a top-rated Airbnb. Whether you take in all the responsibilities or get a cleaning service crew to help out, the goal is to give the people renting out your place to feel like they’re home, or even better than that. That’s the only way to get your business to grow!

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