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By: Rain City Maids
May 03, 2021

Many homeowners keep their living room cleaner because it's where guests spend more time. And not only that, the living room is likely the most visible part of any house. When friends or family members come over to your home, they most likely will see your living room. But, what happens if you don't have time to clean it?

In this blog post, we tell you some quick steps to fast-clean your living room. And, if you want to continue cleaning other rooms in your home, check this complete room-by-room guide too.

Get your supplies to fast clean your living room

If you have little time for cleaning, the last thing you'll want to do is run back and forth looking for your supplies. Instead, store your cleaning tools and products in a convenient location inside the room. For example, you could include:

  • Containers (laundry basket, recycle bin, trash bin, and an extra basket)
  • Vacuum cleaner or broom
  • Microfiber cloths
  • Duster
  • All-purpose cleaner
  • Disinfectant wipes

Pick up clutter

Dusting or vacuuming can take more time than you think if you have stuff getting in your way. Decluttering can help you move faster without the risk of tripping over, so ensure at least a clear floor before starting the proper cleaning. Usually, a few minutes are enough to pick up the stuff on the floor and the furniture. You can even put all the things in an empty basket or box and deal with them later.

Dust and wipe smartly

Your living room might be full of furnishings that need to be cleaned. However, in a short cleaning session, you'll have to prioritize what you'll clean. From top to bottom, check out the ceiling fans, light fixtures, wall decoration, windows, and furniture. Give them a touch-up with your duster or a microfiber cloth—or skip them if they are not visibly dirty. Use the hose attachment of your vacuum cleaner to quickly remove dust in the window sills, window frames, and curtains. 

Clean the couch

Upholstered furniture is what makes a living room cozy and warm. However, a chair or couch can retain a large amount of dirt and debris. Remove the cushions to vacuum them —or wipe them, depending on the upholstery. Then, vacuum the surface of the couch or chair. If your vacuum has a brush attachment, now is time to use it.

Clean the floors

If you have hard-surface floors, sweeping or vacuuming is enough. On the other hand, cleaning carpeted floors is more challenging. If you have little time left, a quick carpet vacuuming will have to do. Also, take washable rugs to the laundry room. To finish faster, clean only the reachable areas of the floor.

Spot clean and disinfect

As we mentioned before, you should prioritize the chores you are tackling and the surfaces you are cleaning. Is there a stain on the wall? Cleaning it and moving on should take a few seconds. Is a knickknack dirty? Or is the coffee table stained? Wipe them directly. Search for stains in windows and glass surfaces to clean them with a glass cleaner. Lastly, don't forget to disinfect frequently touched surfaces like the light switches, doorknobs, handles, and the TV remote. The fastest way to do it is with a disinfectant wipe.

Now your living room should be neat and clean! Fast cleaning your living room should not take you more than 20 minutes. Of course, you won't always have time for deep cleaning your home, but it has to be done now and then. If you need help with your chores, Rain City Maids is here to help you! Check out our home cleaning services!

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