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By: Rain City Maids
Dec 03, 2018

It’s that time of the year again where you have to draw your coworker’s name out for Secret Santa—and then be tasked with searching the perfect gift. If you plucked a good friend, that’s great! You probably know what to get him or her. But if you picked someone you don’t know well, you’re probably stressing out—a lot.

Don't worry! No matter what type of character you’re buying for, there’s a present out there for them.

Take a look out these nine excellent Secret Santa gift ideas for your coworkers:

A mug.

A mug may be the most common gift idea, but making it personal gives it a keen edge. Opt for a monogrammed mug with an intricate design that’ll stand out from the others. They can use this to have coffee when they feel sleepy, or they didn’t get enough of sleep last night.

Charging Hub.

Whoever you got for Secret Santa, they’re obliged to love the gift of charge. This compact hub highlights slots for a range of tech essentials and fits seamlessly on any tabletop.

To-do list Notepad.

This superbly designed and easy-to-use note pack is filled with challenges, from fitness activities to cooking. With this notepad, your secret Santa will love the opportunity of doing something for him or herself.  You can also hand them this candy-striped “To-Do List.” Put one in your office friend’s Christmas stocking. One of the handy dandy Secret Santa ideas for work.

Reusable coffee cup.

If your officemate is always on-the-go, this reusable coffee cup will be a great help. With a clear glass body and gorgeous silicone sleeve, a traveling thermos like this one makes drinking coffee colorful. It’s also microwave safe—ideal for the person who repeats the same latte throughout the day. This cup is an excellent way to have a quick caffeine fix.

Earphones and Wireless Speakers.

There’s a high chance that your Secret Santa has lost a pair of earphones in the past. It’s always a safe idea to have a back-up, and this comfy, gold-accented pair promises to please.

Wireless speakers are also the perfect gift for anyone in your office. Whether they use it to listen to podcasts while cooking or bring tunes to the beach, this little speaker packs a big punch.

Essential Oil Diffuser.

Giving your coworker an essential oil diffuser helps reduce stress, improves mental clarity, uplifts the mood, calms the body which makes it useful before sleeping, and it purifies the air. Everyone’s got one — except your officemate. You can help them ease into the world of essential oils with this oil diffuser.

A succulent.

It’s a fact that plants make the atmosphere in a room better. So don’t you think they’d do the same for working areas? You can order a simple little succulent to decorate your coworker’s desk. It’s like giving the gift of life.

A diary planner.

The end of the year is nearing, use this planner to help your coworker plan for the next one. Help your friends help themselves with a weekly planner. This soft cover, the metallic-detailed notebook will do just the job. It’s so sleek, and you may want to pick up one for yourself too.

Wall calendar.

After 365 days, the new year will come again. Although calendars can get boring, you can let your coworker suffer that tragedy. So give them this lovely handmade calendar.

Secret Santa is fun, except for the fact that you’re stuck figuring out the perfect gift for your colleague that you may have met once at the water cooler.  We know workers like you are busy with work, so the gift of cleaning is the best one you can give! This is our gift to you. You can also provide the gift of cleaning in a form a gift card from a professional house cleaning service.

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