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By: Rain City Maids
Mar 01, 2021

Nothing lasts forever, and homeowners know it! Just to name a few: pets scratch our doors, mattresses deteriorate, and the air conditioner needs proper maintenance. Therefore, many overlooked household items and appliances need replacement in a moderate to an urgent matter. 

How and when to replace household items

It's not only aesthetics; in many cases, changing household items means that you're protecting your family's health and preventing future accidents. Keep reading to find out how regularly you should change these, and if the situation allows it, how to repurpose them.

Kitchen sponges

Replace them weekly (or repurpose)

It seems that cleaning your kitchen sponges by hand or by microwave isn't very useful. A study in Scientific Reports revealed that sponges breed bacteria quickly and that we should replace them weekly! Because we use these foamy tools on our dishes, this is a matter of utter importance. Tossing old sponges could prevent harmful pathogens from entering our bodies. However, if you don't want to discard them so often, specialists recommend relocating them to a place that is "less hygiene-sensitive like the bathroom."


Replace every three to four months

Perhaps toothbrushes aren't as overlooked, but it's crucial to replace them to avoid infections and diseases. The Center For Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends changing your toothbrush every 3 or 4 months—or even sooner if the bristles are worn out or you have suffered from an infection previously. If you think you can bear some germs, remember that an old toothbrush won't be very efficient anyway.

Mattress and pillows

Pillows: every two years

Mattress: every 8 years or less

If you like hotel beds more than your own, maybe it's time to change your mattress. The Sleep Foundation recommends changing mattresses every eight years. Do it sooner if you are over 40 because, at that age, the body needs a better foundation to sleep. Look for worn spots and evaluate how you feel in the morning—waking up tired or stiff isn't normal! Regarding pillows, experts say that your neck and head should have proper support and comfort without awkwardness. Replace them every two years or sooner and get a better night of sleep!


6 months to a year

Yes, hairbrushes need replacement too, and the first warning sign you have to check is accumulated hair in the brush (and worn-out bristles). Even with regular cleaning, your hairbrushes will stop being functional with time, and they can be harmful to your hair if you aren't careful. According to Women's Health, when you brush your hair, strands can snag on the brush and cause breakage, so don't forget regular cleaning. If you have used the same brush for six months, you should purchase a new one.

Toilet brush

Thoroughly disinfect or replace after a stomach flu

Without any doubt, your toilet brush has one of the hardest and dirtiest jobs in the house. This cleaning tool can easily be more filthy than the toilet itself! How to avoid that? A simple word should be enough: bleach. However, experts say that toilet brushes had an expiration date, even if you clean them properly. Inspect the bristles' state because you may be using an ineffective ball of spikes instead of a proper brush. And a final consideration: disinfect your toilet brush thoroughly after a family member has been sick with gastrointestinal illness.


It depends (from 3 months to 2 years)

Perhaps you're loathed to toss that perfect mascara, but think again: manufacturers usually recommend discarding cosmetics from two to four months after purchase. The FDA warns that currently, no law or regulation requires cosmetics to have an expiration date. However, several experts recommend some time lapses for each type of cosmetic. Liquid eyeliners should be tossed after three months, cream eye shadows should last about six months, and up to two years for pencil eyeliners. Check more info here. And, if you're tempted to ignore this advice, remember that eye infections from makeup can become a severe ailment.

Fire extinguisher

From 10 to 12 years

Hopefully, you haven't had to use your fire extinguisher, but that's no excuse for not regularly checking its functional state. Expired extinguishers exist, and many can present warning signs like loss of pressure, damaged outer shell, or clogged nozzle. Experts recommend replacing fire extinguishers from 10 to 12 years after purchase. Remember this tip, and continue protecting your family!

Air filters

From 1 to 6 months

Air filters are essential to keep the indoor air quality in top condition, but you have to replace them every couple of months. Consider some crucial factors like the number of pets in your home, the air quality in your neighborhood, and the air filter's model. Approximately, you'll have to replace your filters every three months but always check the manufactures recommendations. Check more info here.

Bathroom towels

Wash every 3 uses and repurpose in 1 or two years

Towels are like workhorses, subject to frequent washing and daily use. Naturally, these comfy objects need replacement, mainly if you use them for drying your hands or body. Bathroom towels can harvest a considerable amount of germs, and other pathogens, so remember to wash every three uses. In a year, approximately, repurpose them as cleaning rags or donate them to animal shelters (as recommended by Parachute).

Now that you know which appliances and household items to keep an eye on and replace them in proper time, we hope you have a better spring cleaning. Remember that Rain City Maids can help you with your daily cleaning chores, so don’t postpone those activities because you have to clean yourself. Call the experts and regain some free-time! Get instant pricing here.

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