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By: Rain City Maids
Dec 11, 2019

Writing resolutions is an excellent exercise to end the year. Still, many of us tend to establish challenging goals to reach, or we don't really evaluate in detail our motivations and time. As a result, we give up our resolutions as soon as February. That's why we gather for easy and effective New Year resolutions ideas and tips for you to achieve them the best way.

Get better sleep

While many people think that they need more sleep, they actually aren’t sleeping well. If you resolve to get better nights of rest, try to be relaxed before going to bed (like reading, listening to music, making a checklist of things to do the next day, whatever it works for you). Also, make sure to have the right mattress and, most importantly, you must define a bedtime and follow it.

Eat fewer calories

If you want creative New Year resolutions maybe this is not the case, but the method to achieve it could be. When it comes to eating healthy, everyone tends to lose motivation in the first month. The trick is to put yourself an easy routine to follow, like avoiding only sugary drinks like soda and bottled juice. If you do that, your sugar consumption will decrease significantly.

Eat healthier

Now, if you are determined to lose weight or improve your health, you must put some more goals. We usually break the diet for lack of convenience, for example, when it's hard to find the items for our salad or simply don't have time for cooking. A better idea is buying fruits and vegetables ready-to-eat and easy to transport to your job.

Get a new look

Sometimes we forget the importance of appearance. If we look good, we feel good, and a change of image often produces motivation and confidence. This new year an effortless resolution is to try something new for your hair, your clothes, or make-up.

Do better at work

Usually, the way we start the day affects all our workday. Perhaps it's complicated to get better at work when a lot of factors are affecting your effort and results. But, you can do a simple and easy thing to reduce your daily stress: get to work early. When we start our day with anticipation and tranquility, we tend to be more optimistic and organized.

Learn something new each day

A typical new year resolution, but one that is very useful and easy to accomplish. To feel better about ourselves, our intelligence, and a sense of purpose, we need to acknowledge the new things we learn. But doing this each day can become quite tricky. Try to subscribe to blogs, newsletters, and youtube channels that offer valuable content that you are interested in. Take a notebook with you and write down your new discoverings. Read more books, go to classes, or meet new people.

Spend more time with family

Time passes and we are not getting younger, neither is our family. When you live far from them, spend to much time out of home or just don't have much in common with them, there are some ways you can match more with family. Try to do little projects with them, like organizing a party or taking walks to the park. Organize movie nights or cooking evenings. Help your sibling with their homework.

Work on your dreams

Last but not least, if you have a dream that you are postponing because of work, family, money, or life, it's time to start working on it. Establish an hour a day to work on your dreams and respect it. Just an hour is enough to make some advances. By the end of the year, you'll have invested 365 hours to your dreams.

Surely you notice it, it doesn't matter what your new year resolution is, the trick is to break it into small goals easy to accomplish. Make steady and continuous progress every day and keep your motivation up. Remember: slow and steady wins the race. If cleaning your house it's taking your time, contact us and we'll do the job for you.

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