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By: Rain City Maids
Mar 04, 2020

Get ready to embrace the arrival of spring and bid farewell to the winter blues! As the season of renewal beckons, your home is sending out a clear message that it's time for a thorough cleaning session. Don't fret, for we have just the remedy to make this daunting task a breeze. We've compiled a collection of incredibly handy and effective spring cleaning hacks that are suitable for everyone. Say goodbye to the stress and welcome a fresh and vibrant home with these simple yet powerful tips and tricks.

Springtime doesn't have to be synonymous with endless chores and overwhelming tasks. With the help of these ingenious hacks, your cleaning endeavors will be elevated to a whole new level. And if you're thinking of enlisting the assistance of professional home cleaners, we have you covered too. Our expert tips will not only make your spring cleaning journey more manageable but also complement the services provided by the professionals. So, get ready to transform your home into a sparkling haven as we reveal these seven must-know hacks. Let's dive in and make this spring cleaning season a delightful and rewarding experience!

1.  Use lemon juice to clean steel

Nature gives us one of the most effective stains and rust remover in the form of a little yellow fruit. Cut a lemon and rub it on the surface of your steel faucets. This way, you’ll remove the water stains, and rust accumulated and leave behind a natural and fresh smell. Also, you can use lemon juice and salt to clean your garbage disposal.

2.  Steam-clean your microwave

Springtime is the perfect moment to check your microwave’s interior. Scrubbing is the only way you can remove old food stains, but one of the best spring cleaning hacks is to steam your microwave before doing that. Pour two cups of water, two tablespoons of white vinegar, and a few essential oil drops in a bowl and heat it in your microwave. By doing this, you’ll remove more effectively the unpleasant stains.

3.  Use newspaper to clean glass

If you want to clean your glass surfaces like windows or showcases, newspaper is your best ally. Usually, there’s oil in your glass, and regular paper towels smear it badly. Instead, the newspaper penetrates this oily nuisance, and you can add a little alcohol for better results. 

4.  Clean your windows on a cloudy day

Speaking of windows, do you know that cloudy days are the best time to clean them? Sunshine tends to dry your windows too quickly, and this causes linear stains or streaks. So, leave this job for a less sunny day or a fresh afternoon. Also, we recommend using white vinegar with your favorite dishwashing liquid for your window-washing solution.

5.  Toss expired makeup and toiletries

Following this arduous cleaning process, you better check your medicine cabinet for expired medicines or over-cluttered makeup. If you’re not sure when to trash your items, you can check on the internet for general advice.

6.  Run an empty cycle in your dishwasher

When you find stains on your glassware, that means it’s time to run an empty cycle. Experts recommend to begin your cleaning with a package of citric acid crystals (that you can find in your local drugstore or market) and run your dishwasher cycle normally. After that, start another, but this time with regular dishwasher detergent.

7.  Get rid of your pet’s hair

Many people use a lint roller for cleaning their pet’s hair out of their coach or surfaces, but if you don’t have one handy, you can use your regular dishwashing gloves. The material from which the gloves are made, usually latex, can create an electric charge by rubbing them on the upholstery. This electric effect will cause all the hairs to stick in your gloves, making it really to clean.

Surely, these easy-to-do tips will help you greatly in your springtime cleaning chores. But remember, if you don’t have time to clean, or need some extra help, contact Rain City Maids. Schedule your cleaning service in just a few clicks.

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