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By: Rain City Maids
Jun 10, 2020

Father’s Day is coming, but this year is slightly different: surely, not all businesses are open or operating at full potential due to the pandemic. Also, a big party with numerous members of the family isn’t an option either, and some dads are on the high-risk population, so we better take strict precautions.

However, COVID-19 won’t interfere with a small but charming gathering, a delicious meal, or a virtual session watching movies or eating food. There’s a lot of Father’s Day celebration ideas you can apply. Keep reading to discover the best seven of them:

1. Cook or order his favorite dinner

You know what they say: the way to the heart is through the stomach. Few things will cheer up Father’s Day that delicious dinner, especially if you know your dad loves it. Call his favorite restaurant and check if they are offering delivery during the pandemic. If you’re not together, you can order two meals, one for him and for you, and eat together by videocall.

2. Organize a beer tasting

If your dad is a beer lover, don’t waste time, and call your local craft brewery to order a tasting flight in advance. Luckily, they will have a mix of lagers, IPAS, and ales, and you won’t have t worry to please your old-man tastes. Or, if your dad is a one-beer man, avoid the mix package and go straight to his favorite. Of course, pour a beer for yourself and drink together at home or each one trough a screen.

3. Host a movie night

Who needs movie theaters when you have a good TV and a couple of streaming subscriptions? Although drive-in options might be available in your neighborhood, you can control more aspects of this idea if you do it in-house. Choose your dad’s favorite movies, prepare popcorn, some drinks, or buy candy to make the experience more cinema-like. Also, little kids would love this idea. And don’t forget a Netflix Party is the best practical option for this idea.

4. Look at old family photos or videos

This could be a tender touch to every other idea on the list. Even if you’re social distancing, you can share old photos and videos via Dropbox or Google Photos or share your screen during a video call. Invite other members of the family to the virtual meeting and enjoy this moving trip through the memory lane.

5. Re-watch the best sports games

Sports fan, maybe? Search for the recordings of his team’s most famous games and plan a marathon Super Bowl-like. Just make sure his team wins the majority of the games for peace of mind.

6. Camping in the garden

For small children, perhaps real camping is still a hard experience, but undoubtedly they will get excited by the idea of the backyard and spend the evening outside. If dad is also a fan of this kind of adventure—but importantly, of campfires, marshmallows, and telling stories—, then set up everything and let them enjoy the experience.

7. Plan a game night

Of course, there’s always the game night option, an excellent but quality bonding experience that surely will cheer up your Father’s Day. Convince everyone to look over their screens and prepare the table for battle. Some snacks and drinks will help boost the night.

Now you got some new ideas about how to celebrate Father’s Day! Remember to apply the general preventive measures to avoid COVID-19. If you would like to book a professional home cleaning service, visit our website to schedule it.

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