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By: Rain City Maids
Nov 11, 2019

Somewhere, you’ll find the nicest gift that your spouse will love, a perfect computer that you need for work or the greatest toy that your nephew will adore. But here’s the problem: Will these items survive Black Friday? Will they be in stock this December? Because of this uncertainty, many people will venture into the post-Thanksgiving shopping battle.

How to prepare for Black Friday shopping and not regretting your debts later? Nowadays, there are many modern methods to take advantage of Black Friday. Keep reading to discover 6 Black Friday shopping tips and not going broke after.

Follow retailers on social media and subscribe to their newsletters

If you want to play the Black Friday game, you better spend some time researching deals and retailers. A good way of doing this is by following your favorite retailers on social media and paying attention to their posts. Just remember you’ll probably start receiving targeted adds on your newsfeed, but that’s something you can adjust in your settings.

You can also subscribe to the retailer’s email newsletter to find out the best deals. If you’re using Gmail, the emails are going to end up in the “promotions” category and because of that you can easily find them and delete them after. Take note of the best deals for you, compare them with other retailers and start making your Black Friday shopping plan.

Don’t wait until Black Friday (deals begin earlier every year)

As mentioned in the previous paragraphs, a piece of good advice for finding the best deals is to start your research weeks before Black Friday. Many stores and retailers begin to offer low price products, gift certificates, and even secret sales, weeks before the big day.

You might as well do a visit directly to the store and talk to some employees, perhaps they’ll give you some clues about the offers of the week. Often, the deals happen online or in a special event. Just remember to take note and don’t start spending on things you don’t need.

Make a list of priorities and other desired items

Once you already do your research, it’s time to make your list of products. Make one for the priorities, the items you absolutely need, and another for your desired items, the ones you might want to buy if you find them at good price. When the day comes, if something isn’t on both lists, don’t buy it.

For your “desired items” list consider upcoming holidays and future events like weddings or birthdays. The main goal of writing this list is to identify the dispensable things you might need and want. Because you made this list with a cool head and following your rational thinking, it’s a great way to limit your impulsive purchases.

Compare prices and specifications using apps or web sites

If you want an easy way to compare prices, you can use internet shopping sites like Do some tests at home before going out on Black Friday. Pay attention to the “options” and “specifications” sections of the product, because sometimes the item doesn’t come with an essential part and you will have to buy separately. Like a printer that doesn’t come with the cable or ink, for example.

Research for low price tendency

This is no secret: not everything on Black Friday is a deal. Frequently, some toys, electronics, and clothes will lower their prices later in December. Take the time to research the trends of certain products, brands or models that have good quality but are not so popular. Maybe you’ll find an article talking about a laptop that is in full stock and surely will get cheaper in the following weeks. But, needless to say, consider that might sell out.

Use your credit card wisely

Using a credit card on Black Friday? It sounds a little risky considering that this blog talks about not going broke. But, if you commit to your budget, using your credit card could be beneficial for your wallet, your credit history, and your purchase. Some credit cards offer a warranty coverage or cashback policy depending on the purchase’s amount. If you’re going to spend on  Black Friday, it’s better to take all the benefits.

There you have it! We hope you have a Black Friday experience full of great gifts and good decisions. Remember that the best advice for these weeks full of deals is making a budget and sticking to it.

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