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By: Rain City Maids
May 20, 2020

Tired of being lock up for so long? Now we’re entering the first phase of the re-opening process after the COVID-19 lockdown. The people of Seattle now can enjoy some of the popular park trails and open spaces of the city, as announced by the Seattle Parks and Recreation department. Stay safe by following the health guidelines and help the community keep the virus at bay. Discover six outdoor activities you can start doing in the Seattle area.

1.  Walk and bike trails

Start moving those legs! Walking and biking trails are now open in almost all Seattle public parks and sports facilities. Green Lake, Myrtle Edwards, Seward, and even West Seattle Stadium are allowing their visitors to put to good use the running shoes, but always maintaining social distancing. However, remember that many parks and facilities have limited operation and closed activities like basketball, fishing, boat launches, and any kind of gathering are still prohibited.

2.  Dog off-leash areas

Paws are about to get jogging! Take your furry friend to a small adventure in one of the 14 Seattle’s dog off-leash areas, now available in phase 1 of the coronavirus lockdown. Please remember that dogs are not allowed in beaches or children’s play areas (which, by the way, will stay close until further notice). You can visit Golden Garden or Woodland Park to find a dog off-leash area that pleases your pet.

3.  Gardens

Nature can cheer up anyone, especially after a long lockdown. Enjoy the freshness of gardens and arboretums but follow the official preventive guidelines. Also, consider that many parking lots are closed, and some features will remain inactive to avoid gatherings. Japanese Garden and Volunteer Park Conservatory might be closed indefinitely.

4.  Beaches

Summer is coming up, and Seattle beaches will remain open to the public during the first phase of the back-to-normal process. Visit Seward Park and Alki are some of the open beaches residents can enjoy during phase 1, but please don’t get too close to other visitors and also be careful because there won’t be many lifeguards.

5. Hiking trails

Hiking can be liberating after long lockdown weeks. You can only imagine what will feel to stretch your legs and breath the fresh air of nature and walk s much as you want. The majority of Seattle’s hiking trails are open; still, the local authorities are strongly suggesting that if you find too many people on the trail, you must go to another one to avoid crowds. Also, avoid meeting with hiking friends outside your household and neither carpooling.

6.  Skateparks

Last but not least, if you’re into skating, we got good news for you. Almost all skateparks and skate spots are open, except for Lower Woodland. If you follow the preventive measures, keep your healthy six feet distance from other, there won’t be too much risk. Have fun!

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