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By: Rain City Maids
Jul 22, 2020

Summer is just beginning, and if you're lucky enough to have a pool, then you should know there's valuable pool maintenance information. In the following paragraphs, we describe essential tips to keep your water clean, sanitized, and your filters functioning in top shape. Remember that the COVID-19 pandemic continues, so make sure your water is disinfected often and avoid swimming to close to other people. 

  • Keep the water circulating

You don't have to be a scientist or chemist to know that still, stagnant water tends to get cloudy and create mold in the pool's walls.  Good water circulation is vital for safe and healthy swimming. Ideally, the water should be flowing almost all day, but since that isn't realistic and even damaging for any budget, keep your filter running at least 10 hours a day.

  • Maintain your filters clean

Generally, your pool can be cleaned just by removing the cap, lifting the filter's basket, and tossing away the debris. By doing this once a week, you will increase your pool system's useful life and maintain the water free of trash. However, it's recommended to wash the filter's pipes at least once a month. Many of the pool systems available in the market have the option to "backwash." Remove the basket and use this command and let the water run.

  • Skim and scrub every week

A no-brainer. Skimming leaves and other debris from the surface of the water is obvious, but you have to do it consistently. Always keep your net skimmer at reach! Also, a pool brush is needed to give maintenance to the walls and prevent algae growth. Check your pool regularly, and if you notice some nasty green stuff, start scrubbing.

  • Check your chemical levels

There are three fundamental water chemistry indicators: pH levels, alkalinity, and sanitizer levels. Although they might sound intimidating, these registers only indicate how acid and alkaline your water is and how much chlorine is in it. Buy a water testing kit to check the chemistry of your pool regularly. When you already know your water levels, you can start adding chemicals to create a balance, not so acid nor alkaline, and just the right amount of chlorine. Take the time to read about the subject and follow the instructions.

  • Shock your pool

After a rainstorm or when too many people have been using the pool, use a pool shock to sanitize the water. Some experts recommend shocking the pool at dusk or night to avoid the sunlight to "eat up" the chlorine.

  • Use tennis balls to absorb oil

A well-known tip for pool care. Tennis balls are not only for playing catch. Throw them into the water and let the fibers of the balls absorb certain oils that the water of any pool has. These substances are usually left behind by swimmers: suntan lotion, hair products, and the natural skin oils that produce every human skin.

Now that you know how to maintain a pool, we hope you have a pleasant and safe summer in the comfort of your home. Remember that Rain City Maids provides cleaning and sanitizing home services that can help you prevent COVID-19. Book your service on our website.

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