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By: Rain City Maids
May 20, 2019

Everyone likes to think they're pretty thorough and careful when it comes to cleaning up the house, and for the most part we're pretty sure they're right. There are, however, a few spots that slip the mind of even the most meticulous cleaner, and that can bring about a few problems after letting enough time pass. Nothing catastrophic, of course, but they are things that can put your family's health at risk.

We have compiled a list of the six most easily-forgotten spots around the average household that could definitely use a little more attention and love during your next cleaning session. We've also included the different ways you can sanitize them regularly so you don't have to do a major effort every time you remember they exist. Let's get cleaning!

Under the bed

There’s no spot that encapsulates “out of mind, out of sight” better than the underside of your bed, and we’re not only talking about dust. Not only is it a perfect place for clutter to build up over months, but it’s also prime real estate for mold to grow up if you’re particularly careless about cleaning up the room. Think about it: It’s dark, secluded, and a little warmer than the outside, so you better get way under the covers and sweep that clutter out soon. You don’t have to wonder when to start spring cleaning just to look under the bed!

Kitchen sponges and cloths

What, cleaning the things you clean with? Well, of course! If you’re not careful, sponges and cloths can become some of the nastiest objects in the whole house for a number of reasons. First, they’re in constant direct contact with dirty, grimy things. Second, they’re damp all the time, without really having enough time to dry completely between uses. Third, they’re porous, so all sorts of germs love to make their home inside of them. We recommend replacing them constantly, but you can sanitize them by soaking them in boiling water with some disinfectant thrown in.

Behind the toilet

The back of the toilet is another good example of something that’s not easy to see, so it’s easy to forget. The back may look sparkling clean, but a lot of grime can hide behind that shiny facade. Another factor that makes it so unfortunately forgettable is that is a hard-to-reach place, so cleaning it up can become kind of annoying, but don’t be fooled; it can get nasty back there over time, so tackle it while it’s still easy to do!

Inside the washing machine

The inside of a washing machine is constantly getting filled with water and soap, and shaken violently around, so what’s to clean up? A lot, actually, and it’s important that you do it since it can get pretty dirty in there. Mold is your main concern since, like sponges and clothes, the washing machine is constantly wet without ever really drying out completely in some parts, so the environment is perfect for mold growth. An easy way to clean it is to mix baking soda and water, and adding it into a load of the hottest water your machine can handle to kill off the germs, and “wash” for a whole cycle.

Remotes, game controllers, mouse, and keyboards

Anything that you use in order to make your gadgets and appliances work, pretty much. You might wash your hands constantly, but that’s not the case for these objects, and you can be sure that touching them is like shaking hands with every single past version of you that did the same, including everything they were carrying in their hands. Cleaning them is easy enough, just use a disinfectant wipe and let them dry off.


Another case of “you use it to clean, so it must be clean.” The thing is, dishwashers handle small food pieces and such, which not always dissolve of going down the drain entirely in one go, so you can get caught up and not only still be in contact with other dish loads, but affect the performance of your washer. So, get in there!

There are plenty of other places that many people forget to clean up or disinfect regularly, but we believe that this list covers all the basics, and what’s important is that now that you’re well aware of how many places around the house get neglected over time, you’ll be a little more attentive with them next time. You can also get some additional help with that, of course, and it’ll make the job much, much faster, especially if you don’t know how to spring clean your apartment.

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