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By: Rain City Maids
Jul 27, 2020

Do you live with a furry friend? Usually, summer is when most pets leave their fur all over the carpets, furniture, and practically every surface they step into. We wrote this blog about cleaning and disinfection guidelines for people who struggle with pet messes and want to stay appropriately disinfected during the pandemic. Keep reading to discover how to disinfect your home correctly.

Buy the right tools

If you want to live with a pet and also have a clean home, you need the right cleaning tools for everyday chores. First, you need a detachable vacuum cleaner that can reach all the hard-to-reach spots in and around your furniture. Also, a rubber rake, squeegee, or de-shedding tool might be useful to eliminate the last pet hairs in carpets or clothes.

Use a towel or sheet for your pet.

Universal truth: the best way to clean is to not clean at all, and just avoid getting thins dirty. Sadly, that's not the case for your pet's hair, as it will always be shedding and ending up all over your home. A useful tip to reduce the number of hairs in your furniture and floor is to put a blanket, sheet, or towel for your dog to lay down. Periodically, shake this blanket outside and remove the remaining hair with one of your tools. You will have fewer problems when you decide to clean your home.

Vacuum properly

Your vacuum cleaner needs to be in top shape if you have a furry friend living with you. Empty the vacuum cleaner deposit regularly and clean the filter. Now, when you are vacuuming, do it in multiple directions to not miss a thing. Right after, use a rubber rake or the squeegee to pick up the remaining hairs.

Clean those paws!

After a yard play or a long walk by the street, always keep a container filled with warm weather at the door. Dip each paw into the water and wash away the dirt. You can add soap to the water to sanitize your pet's paw from germs and viruses (but never use bleach or other disinfectants). If you want to feel safer, you can mop the floors with your favorite cleaner but keep your pet away while it dries.

Treat stains quickly!

Canine urine over your carpet can be very harmful to your carpets, especially the dye. If you see a little puddle or stains, act quickly! First, use a clean and dry cloth to absorb the liquid. Then, apply a solution of water and dishwasher liquid and blot with another clean and dry cloth. You can use white vinegar to eliminate bad odors, too. Baking soda does the trick as well!

Use the safest disinfectants.

You can't disinfect your pet. Just like with humans, bleach, alcohol, and hydrogen peroxide have a harmful reaction in our skin, eyes, and worse if ingested. Keep your pets away from those disinfectants, like basic and generic bleach to recognized brands like Lysol. Just bathe your pets regularly, especially dogs. When you disinfect your home's surfaces, be sure your pet is in another room until it’s completely dry.

Remember to groom your pet regularly to maintain your home hair-free and disinfected for a longer time. We hope these essential tips help you live harmoniously with your pet during these hot days of summer and a long pandemic. If you want a professional cleaning and disinfection service for your home, Rain City Maids is here for you! Book your service on our website.

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