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By: Rain City Maids
Jul 30, 2018

If you’re tired of the same old outfits, but you’re budget or mood doesn’t allow for the shopping spree of your dreams, you’re in luck. We’re here to tell you how your look can be transformed with the help of a few key accessories. Spice things up by adding color and mix it with your neutrals. Then you’ll never get out of style.

If you to learn more about ways of maintaining clothes and changing your boring office clothes into something fabulous, keep on reading!

Here are five tips on how to keep your clothes clean, your work attire looking fresh and not boring!

1. Florals light up anything.

Do you know how flowers make the most significant difference in the garden? The same goes for your wardrobe. If you want to turn your white blouse into something stylish, you tuck it into a floral pencil skirt and voila! You have yourself a chic work outfit. If you don’t want to be racy, go for pointy floral heels. The point is, florals add oomph to your an unexciting combination.

2. The colored suit

Nowadays, you can get a suit in almost any color. You should take on timeless shades like white or red. Don't forget to keep it simple with these options. Don't over-accessorize a white suit because it's already a statement on its own. Go for a simple white shirt underneath and use a statement necklace or earrings.

3. Upgrade the white shirt

Let’s face it! A white blouse is a staple in any working girl’s wardrobe. The upside is, it doesn’t have to be dull anymore. It can be sleeveless with a jeweled collar. You can tuck it in an A-line puffy skirt or culottes. It can be untucked and accessorized with a waist belt. So do stick to the white blouse, but do play around with it too.

4. The Midi

The trend for work attire now is to match a professional-looking blouse or t-shirt with an A-line midi skirt. With Midi-anything, the length is not too short as to be improper, and not too long as to be over the top. This trend is a modest and straightforward midi dress.

These can always be experimented with, however. Midi’s come in different colors and different prints yet almost always look classy and office-appropriate.

5. DO invest in a professional work bag

You should invest in a bag with a tone that matches almost anything like black, white and beige. While it’s always nice to opt for a pop of color, a black bag is never dull. On a side note, if you do have the capability to invest in a second, colorful bag, by all means, do so.

In the working world, clothes matter more, especially if your job involves lots of face time with coworkers or clients.  While working, you’ll want a clean home when you get home. Hire a house cleaning service for that matter.

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